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I started cutting my own hair a couple of years back when I had enough of having to get an appointment with a hairdresser in order to have my hair cut. This could even take a few weeks and I never have that kind of patience so I went and bought my first very own set of hair clippers.

I was clumsy and scared at first, but I found out that it’s actually pretty easy to cut your own hair with clippers so I decided to try and teach more people how to do it.

Buzzcut Guide is here to help you take the plunge of starting to cut your own hair. It will help you choose the right haircut, give you detailed instructions on how to do it, and help you find the perfect tools. In a way, it’s more than just a website. It’s a movement. We admire barbers and their work, but people need to know that there is an alternative; whether you will be doing your own haircut entirely or just maintain it for a couple of weeks before visiting your hairdresser again, you’re a part of our community!

Are you all ready? Now let’s get right down to buzz’ness.

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