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Best Hair Clippers 2022


This website may earn money from qualifying product recommendations in this well-researched article.

What would it mean for you to be able to save $48.583 on hair cutting over the course of your life? 1

That’s a nice house deposit right there …

Most people don’t know this. But your hair can look tidy and neat even if you cut it yourself!

We’ll take a look at the best hair clippers available in 2022. It will help you keep your hair under control — for FREE.


This website may earn money from qualifying product recommendations in this well-researched article.

If you’re like most of us, you own this staple of American households. You probably got it at the local Walmart, CVS, or Target. And then realized the $20 haircut kit was wack.

Of course, many of our readers throughout the years admit one thing: Not all clippers are created equal.

What does this mean for you?

It means that the clipper your cousin owns may not be the best for what you need. That’s why we give such specific recommendations.

But more on that later … For now, suffice it to say:

Are you serious about cutting hair? If so, you’ll be doing yourself a service if you follow our guide.

First, there are some things you should know about.

Let’s take a look …

4 Things to Be Careful About When Buying Hair Clippers

You could just buy whatever trimmer they sell at the local convenience store.

Here’s why this is a BAD idea:

Understanding the differences between models is crucial. You’ll be able to get a much better option for your budget.

For example, did you know they sell hair clippers with a vacuum attachment? Wouldn’t that make the clean-up so much easier?

Let’s have a look at 4 factors to think about when picking out a hair trimmer:

1. Corded vs Cordless

corded vs cordless clipper

The first major difference between clippers is the power source.

To explain it simply. The corded clippers have more power, and their battery cannot worsen with time.

Battery-run clippers will lose power over time. This can be a problem if there is no way to replace it. Be careful about that!

On the other hand, corded clippers are a lot less manoeuvrable. The power cord makes them bulky and not exactly travel-friendly.

This is why the cordless variation is so popular for home use clippers. Some of them can be used also as a corded variation.

Which brings us to:

2. Professional-Grade vs Home use clippers

home vs professional hair clippers

This is not going to surprise you. Professional clippers are a lot more expensive than consumer products.

With the price, you’ll get better quality, a warranty, and replaceable parts. You’re also buying from trusted companies that will be around for years to come. They will repair any issues.

You may be thinking:

I’m saving so much money, might as well buy the best out there!

Keep in mind one thing, though …

Professional use clippers like the Oster classic 76 are quite heavy. They may not be ergonomically suitable for cutting your own hair. For instance, our home use pick is!

3. Features and Quality

features and quality

Don’t be a fool.

A cleaning brush, guide combs, storage case, sometimes even scissors …

All these free bonuses that come with the clippers are there for one reason. To seduce you into buying the product.

Ignore them, you can get your own hair comb later.

For now, stay focused on the following:

  • The power of the motor,
  • sharpness of blades (You’re looking for self-sharpening ceramic or steel blades. They won’t snag hair.),
  • does it have the features you need (e.g. waterproof, ergonomic design, …),
  • how sturdy and durable the clipper is,
  • does the company offer a warranty,
  • what’s the battery life like (replaceable lithium-ion is your best bet).

4. Hair Clipper Brands and Types

clipper brands and types

Do you know who first invented electric hair clippers?

If you guessed the founder of Wahl company, you were right! 2

Wahl, Oster, and Andis all offer two ways to control the hair length. One is with the taper lever on the side. The other is by using the blade guards of different sizes. These come supplied with the clippers.

You can also switch out the blades or adjust them to help you fade hair.

By the way, here we have a great post on this. It explains all about different clipper sizes and how they look!

Remington is known for their innovative products for the home use. Their clippers aren’t professional-grade. Instead, they solve problems of people who cut their own hair at home.

The motor in your future hair clipper will be one of the three types: 3

  • magnetic motor (Cheapest, common in home-use tools.)
  • pivot motor (Powerful, used by pro stylists.)
  • rotary motor (Expensive and heavy-duty, used for very thick hair. Also for animal grooming.)

It all depends on your needs. You’ll probably find pivot or magnetic motor is what you need.

Okay, this concludes this part. Want to dive into the best clippers already?

Here they are:

Best Hair Clippers of 2022:

Why You Should Trust Us: How We Pick the Best Hair Clippers?

Okay, before we begin, you’re probably wondering about one thing …

Why should I trust these picks? There are plenty of websites, videos, forums, where I can also look. What makes Buzzcut Guide different?

First of all, we’ve been writing reviews and how-to guides for years. We focus on people who cut their own hair and professional barbers. The article you’re reading now was first published in 2014.

Over the years, we’ve learned about what you — the reader — want. And we base our recommendations on this knowledge.

We could just have a list of the best clippers. Is this actually going to help you find the best one for yourself?


For example, we found out that some people are looking for baby hair clippers. Any parent can tell you babies are easily scared. So the most important factor for these is quietness.

Are you going to find the quietest hair clippers in a typical list? Not likely.

pros and cons

Secondly, we base all recommendations in data. You’ll notice we source all our claims with links in the footnotes … But that is not all.

We are partnering with a third-party service. This lest us analyze the online reviews of thousands of real customers. We find out what are the pros and cons of each product.

Look underneath each of the following clippers. You’ll see how often people praise or complain about features.

This is going to help you make an informed decision. You can trust us.

The Best Hair Clipper

Criteria: Good Price, Trusted Brand, Features, and Extras

1. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

Weight2.5 lbs / 1134 g
PriceCheck price
What We Love About It:

In our research, this clipper came out as the second most popular. The first was also a Wahl (see our balding pick to find out which).

There is a good reason for it, too:

Wahl is a trusted US-based brand loved by professionals. They make great quality, powerful clippers. They also keep receiving amazing ratings.

To get a tool with this reputation for below $40 is a steal. The price on Amazon is actually at its lowest since March 2018. 4 It’s a good time to snag it now.

The more expensive options have it. This clipper has it. A cool taper lever on the side. This will let you create fades just like the pros.

Wahl fitted it with their most powerful motor. They also threw in high-quality self-sharpening blades with a 5-year warranty. 5

In this hair cutting kit, you’ll also get some nice extras. You’ll receive guide combs and a sturdy storage case.

These are not just any old plastic combs that you typically get with clippers. They are fitted with stainless steel attachment clips for extra durability.

Pros and Cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Wahl Elite Pro. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Build quality
Noise volume
Bottom line:

Wahl Elite Pro is a great option. Don’t feel like reading much? Just want our top pick? Then we’re confident this clipper set will be the right one for you.
Buy online

Also good: Andis Professional Envy

If you’re not sure about our first pick, have a look at these. They offer similar features to the Elite Pro.

Why is it not #1? Looks like there seem to be problems with the quality build. Some reviews report of persistent problems with the on/off switch.

They are also an older model. Still an okay option if you don’t want the Wahls.
Buy online

Best Clippers for Men’s Hair

Criteria: Versatility, Ease of Use, Quality

2. Remington Short Cut

Weight1.2 lbs / 544 g
Battery charge40 min
PriceCheck price
What We Love Most About It:

If you cut or touch-up your own hair, you’ll relate to this:

The traditional hair clippers are just so hard to hold in your hand! Seriously. By the time you’re done with the cut, you might end up with a serious cramping in your wrist.

Not with these!

Okay, they have an alien design and wide rounded blades. It makes them a breeze to use on all parts of your head — even the back.

They’re waterproof, so you can use them in the shower. Once you’re done, simply wash the hairs off of yourself and the clippers — and you’re done!

You’re not going to create super intricate haircuts with this. But for the simple cuts, there isn’t a faster way to touch up your hair.

Pros and Cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Remington Shortcut Pro. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Ease of use
Battery life
Bottom line:

These are an ergonomic option especially for the folks with a buzz cut. It really solves a whole list of problems that we face when we cut our own hair.

This is why it’s so massively popular. Click here to find out more >

Buy online

Also good: Remington Virtually Indestructible

Another popular pick for men’s hair. This sturdy-looking thing is a good option if don’t like the HC4250’s spacey design.

While these look like they may be usable as a beard trimmer, beware: they are not! They’re actually way too large for facial hair. Another con is that, yes, these Remingtons are really sturdy. But they do not cut very well (magnetic motor).
Buy online

Another option: Wahl Home Barber Clipper Kit

This is a traditional corded clipper option for those who want power. It is paired with 2 smaller battery-powered trimmers. Great value for your money.

This is a set of tools to help you maintain hairs all over your body. From your pubic area, to face, ears, and head. And you’ll have a separate tool for each (as you should).
Buy online

Best Professional Hair Clippers

Criteria: Reliability, Durability, Trusted Brand

3. Oster Classic 76

Weight2 lbs / 907 g
PriceCheck price
What We Love Most About It:

There is one brand that all barbers know about:


It has earned a reputation of the most respected clipper brands in the world. And the Classic 76 is just about as famous as the company that makes it.

This tool is actually so reliable it’s used by the US army. They cut hair of each one of the soldiers using the Classics. 6

You won’t get many freebies with these. Here’s why:

Oster knows what they’re selling: the most powerful and reliable clipper on the market. Guards, combs, scissors, and other nonsense provide no value to this product.

This clipper uses detachable blades. You can switch them out for different lengths of hair. They also sell comb attachments for even more options.

The motor is a powerful single-speed rotary universal motor. This is the most powerful type.

Pros and Cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Oster Classic 76. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Overall performance
Gets hot with use
Bottom line:

Oster Classic 76 is an excellent choice for barbers who use clippers a lot. We mean all day long, on a lot of customers.

It is so high-quality it will most likely outlive you.
Buy online

Have a look at: Oster Model 10

Model 10 is an updated, less known version of the clipper above. Compared to the Classic 76, Model 10 (see our separate review here) is lighter and more manoeuvrable. It still packs similar power.

Two reasons why we didn’t pick Model 10 as the Top pick:

  • slightly worse quality build (screws are plastic), and
  • it’s a less known model and doesn’t have 76’s reputation.

Buy online

Also good: Oster Fast Feed

Think of these as a younger, cheaper sibling of the Classic 76. It has a strong pivot motor and the blades are adjustable with a lever. This makes it a good option if you can’t shell out for the pricier options.
Buy online

Best Home Hair Clippers

Criteria: Durability, Versatility, Features, Price

4. Remington Vacuum

Weight1.6 lbs / 726 g
Battery charge60 min
PriceCheck price
What We Love Most About It:

Are you putting off cutting your spouse’s hair just because of one reason:

The ridiculous clean-up that’s required afterwards?

You’re definitely not alone. Remington decided to tackle this problem in a unique way. By building a vacuum cleaner into the clippers.

We’ll admit this solution is not completely unique. Do you remember the hilarious Flowbee ads from the 80s?

Are you sick of finding hairs everywhere months after cutting hair at home? Then we definitely recommend these.

In the kit, you’re getting a few freebies to help you with the job. These even include hair cutting scissors (though we recommend getting real hair shears).

The price of these goes as high as $60. 7 If they are cheaper today, then you’re getting a bargain! Check today’s price here.

Pros and Cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Remington HC6550 Vacuum. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Battery life
Ease of use
Bottom line:

Get these to shorten your cleanup time. It will take you from 20 minutes of vacuuming, wiping, and scrubbing down to 0. Highly recommended for families, but will suit others as well.
Buy online

Also good: Wahl Color Pro

These have color-coded guards. They make it easy to remember exactly how to create each of your family members’ favorite haircuts. On top of that, it features an adjustable blade.

It’s also very cheap, making it a great choice for occasional use. It comes with a nice hard storage case. Very good option if you dislike our top pick. Just don’t expect it will last for decades.
Buy online

Also see: Woner Hair Trimmer

Woner is not a well-known brand, but it has been getting some traction recently. The innovative wheel design makes it a breeze to fade and blend hair. Combine that with the supplied plastic combs and you have a nice DIY cutting tool.

Its main selling point is the battery runtime. It lasts as much as 240 minutes on a single charge!
Buy online

Best Hair Clippers for Babies and Kids

Criteria: Quietness, Safety
meetcare baby clipper

5. Meetcare 2.0

Weight4.3 oz / 123 g
Noise50 db
Battery charge60 min
PriceCheck price
What We Love Most About It:

Small (and also some neurodivergent) kids often can’t stand getting their hair cut in a salon. Loads of signals, unfamiliar environment, loud hair clippers, sharp tools … you have to admit, it’s sometimes a scary place even for adults.

Many parents resort to cutting their babies’ hair at home. They do it while they’re asleep or distracted with something else. We also recommend this in our list of tips for cutting kids’ hair here).

The Meetcare 2.0 clipper is a great option for it.

The sound levels of this clipper are just above whispering. It is sure to keep your baby completely unfazed by the hair trimming. It’s also very easy to use and clean. It’s completely safe and especially developed for babies’ thin hairs.

View more close-up pics here

Pros and Cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Meetcare 2.0. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Ease of use
Bottom Line:

Great Product for Parents with Babies and Toddlers that Hate Getting Their Hair Cut. You’ll Want One for Yourself!
Buy online

Also good: Elebebe

This USB-chargeable clipper is a good alternative to our Top pick. It’s slightly louder (only by 1db though).

The reason why it’s not at the top is simple. There simply isn’t much information available on it.

We’ll wait a little before we do another analysis. We’ll then compare more baby clippers. Expect our picks to update!
Buy online

Budget Hair Clippers

Criteria: Price

6. Conair Simple Cut

Weight1 lbs / 454 g
PriceCheck price
What We Love Most About It:

It won’t blow you away, but we can say one thing:

This is the most dirt-cheap, value-for-the-money product on the market. Hands down.

The price changes a lot. At its lowest you were able to get this hair cutting kit for under $6. 8 Click here to see the price today.

For this bargain price, you’re getting:

  • the corded clippers,
  • 6 guards,
  • a hair comb,
  • pair of scissors,
  • clipper oil and brush,
  • and a blade protection guard.

It has an electromagnetic motor and self-sharpening blades. We would recommend these to people on a budget, with thinner hair. If you’re looking to touch your hair up from time to time, get this.

Pros and Cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Conair Simple Cut. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Overall performance
Pulls hair
Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for something really cheap, this is it. For this price range, it has a reasonable rating. This is why we’re giving it the title of Top pick for budget clippers.
Buy online

Also good: MultiGroomer Set

This is a great value pack. On the fence about cutting your own hair, or trimming your facial or body hair? Then this will make a fantastic set to dip your toe in the water. It would also make a nice gift for an older kid going off to college.

The set has a beard trimmer, and an attachment for trimming ear and nose hair. Plus, a precision trimmer, a body trimmer, and a set of 4 combs.
Buy online

Best Cordless Clippers

Criteria: Battery, Ease of Use

7. Andis Professional BGRC

Weight14.5 oz / 411 g
PriceCheck price
What We Love Most About It:

We know! These are — in their original form — actually corded. So why did we choose the BGRC as our cordless Top Pick?

Let me explain.

Finding great salon cordless hair clippers is no easy feat. It’s basically impossible. The power cord = strong cutting. Barbers usually do not opt for cordless clippers if they can avoid it.

The BGRC is the only exception.

It combines two things:

  • a professional-grade product made by a trusted brand (Andis), and
  • an optional battery pack to convert the clippers into cordless.

Aha! So this is the caveat.

Okay sure. You’ll need to pay extra for the battery and the charging station.

You can check the price of that here. The product’s name is BGR+. It should only set you back about $70 (clippers not included).

In our opinion though, this is the best option out there on the market. That is, if you’re looking for a powerful pro-level cordless clipper.

More interested into something cheaper for occasional home use? Then have a look at our list of cordless clippers over here. You can also browse the rest of the list you’re reading right now!

Bottom Line:

The BGRC require buying another product to convert them into cordless. But they are the only high-quality and trusted pro option on the market.

This makes them an easy product to recommend.

You shouldn’t get these if you are looking for something cheap and simple.
Buy online

Better value for home use: Philips Norelco 7100

The 7100 feature an lithium-ion battery that can hold power for 2 hours. It’s a good cordless option for someone who just wants a home haircut every week.

Do you want more? Compare even more cordless clippers. Head over to our list of reviews of cordless hair clippers here.
Buy online

Best Balding Clippers

Criteria: Close Cut, Durability

8. Wahl Professional 5-Star

Weight1 lb / 454 g
PriceCheck price
What We Love Most About It:

This Old Balding Classic Is a Steal for The Money.

For a price below $50, they promise a surgically-close cut. And if we believe more than 2500 reviews, they mean it.

This clipper already comes to you zero-gapped. This gives you the closest possible cut.

With them, comes the Wahl’s 6×0 balding blade. It was designed especially for outlining and full head balding. All of this together creates an epic head shaving tool.

Apparently, it’s also marketed to “multi-cultural hair”. 9 Not the best wording, but we get what that means. Looking for another recommendation for black hair? Have a look at our full list of balding clippers here.

Pros and Cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Wahl Professional 5-Star. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Shave quality
Ease of use
Bottom Line:

No doubt about it. This is a good choice for anyone looking to regularly shave their head.

There is a cordless version available. We recommend it in our separate list. Have a look at the 5-Star Magic Clip here.
Buy online

Also good: Andis T-Outliner

This classic tool is known by every professional barber. And it costs about the same. They can also be zero-gapped. This is important if you care about a super close shave.

The T-Outliner is a good alternative to consider. However it does get hot with prolonged use. This is why we bumped it from the top spot of our list.
Buy online

How Do Hair Clippers Work (and How You Can Fix Them) with Video

Here’s why you need to know this …

Understanding how clippers work will help you maintain them properly. You’ll also be able to quickly resolve smaller issues. We’ll tell you how exactly.

So, how do clippers cut hair?

how do hair clippers work

The basic functionality is this. The two blades slide against each other, trapping hairs in between their teeth. Then they snip it off. The blades are often either stainless steel or ceramic.

The main difference between the two is:

  • Ceramic is going to stay sharp for longer. It is more prone to breaking, e.g. if you accidentally drop your clippers.
  • Stainless steel blades will get dull. But can be sharpened (see the FAQ section to read more on this).

Mechanical issues can arise in the moving parts (which you can fix). Or, the problem may be in the electric supply or motor of the clipper. You shouldn’t fix this yourself.

Are you noticing your clippers are not cutting as well as they used to?

Are they shaking, or making really loud noises?

These issues can be resolved with this simple technique. I’ll talk about it in a minute.

Before we get to that, I want to point you to FAQ again. We talk about maintaining your clippers in detail. You can have a look here.

There’s a reason we said that.

If your clippers are not working well, chances are they are either:

  • jammed with gunk from improper maintenance (solution: take apart and clean), or
  • the blades moved and are too close together (solution: adjust the blade screw).

This video demonstrates how to take the clippers apart and solve the issue. While it’s apart, dab a few drops of lubricating oil on the blades. This will keep the device running smoothly.

How to Fix Wahl Clippers’ Loud Noise in 2 Minutes?

If you’re hearing a loud noise coming from the clippers, don’t worry. This is happening due to a simple reason. Clippers are tuned at the factory for a specific voltage. Yours simply doesn’t match.

Wahl recommends you tune your clippers weekly. 10

You tune them by rotating the power screw on the side of your clippers. For this, you can use a screwdriver or a small coin.


Switch the clippers on and let them run. Can you hear the loud clattering sound? Then rotate the screw counter-clockwise about 1/2 of a turn until it stops.

How to Cut Your Own Hair with Clippers (5-Step Illustrated Guide)

Have you ever tried to cut your own hair?

Many of us tried it when we were kids. Then, scarred from the experience, never did it again. But not everyone …

In fact, as many as 11% of all men cut their own hair! 11

There must be something they’re doing right. And there is … they’re following a tried-and-tested process on cutting hair.

We’ve written about it in detail. Want the full 9-step illustrated how-to guide? Click here to access it.

The following shortened guide will focus on creating simpler cuts, like the buzz cut.

But that isn’t the only option …

1. How to Pick Your DIY Haircut

Let me guess …

You probably think this. People cutting their own hair simply buzz their head to a single length. This is called the induction cut.

Let me explain why this isn’t the case.

You can create many badass haircut classics for every hair type. For example the flattop, high’n’tight, etc. All this equipped only with a pair of hair trimmers,

Go see all the hairstyles we recommend for beginner DIY stylists.

We even have the time-saving illustrations on each. You’ll see the guard sizes you will need to achieve it. Just follow the numbers!

2. Learn how To Use Your Clippers

how to use hair clippers

Imagine you set out to cut your hair. It’s going great, and then … the battery runs out. Half of your head still unshaven.

Now what?

To avoid this and other disasters, make sure you:

  • Fully charge your clippers beforehand,
  • switch them on and off to see if there’s any issue,
  • know how to adjust the blade size or use the guards,
  • protect your bathroom and clothes from stray hairs.

Is this your first time using a new shaver? Get familiar with it first.

Switch it on and off, practice changing the settings and swapping the plastic guards. Read the manual it came with, try them out. You can even ask a friend to give you a hand.

Then you can finally go to work.

3. Start with The Sides

start with the sides of hair

Cut hair in the direction opposite of your hair growth. Make several passes to get all the hairs. Cut one side first. Once you’re happy with it, move to the other side. Repeat the process.

It’s only after the sides that you can cut the back. Use a handheld mirror to see what you’re doing. Connect the back with the sides in a nice gradual blend.

TIP: Make the lower part (~1.5 inches (ca. 4 cm)) of your hair a size shorter to blend into the skin better. This will add some pizzazz to your cut and will make it less obvious it’s homemade.

4. Optional: Trim The Top

cut the top with scissors

If you want, you can also shorten the top. For the top, you can use a longer setting on your clippers. Or even try your hand at using scissors.

In either case, make sure the top and the sides and back are well-connected. You don’t want any uneven lines in your cut. Just keep calm and keep cutting away slowly.

Remember, you can always cut more, but you can’t stick the hair back onto your head!

5. Clean up The Hairline

clean up the hairline with hair clippers

The final step is to draw a nice symmetrical line around the ears and sideburns. You do this with a clipper or a beard trimmer.

After you’re finished, clean yourself and your bathroom, and wash your hair. You can decide to also shape it with your favorite styling product.

Keep in mind:

We’ve skipped 4 steps in this shortened guide on cutting hair with clippers!

Want the full tutorial with extra tips, drawings, and diagrams? Just head over to our ultimate guide on cutting your own short hair. It’s free like all other guides on our site.

Kids: How to Cut Boys’ Hair with Clippers with No Fuss

“Daaad, can I have a mohawk??”

Kids are the hardest hair cutting clients. But if you put in the work, you’ll find one thing. That cutting your kids’ hair could be a fun bonding experience.

cutting kids' hair can be a bonding experience

You can use most of the tips above to cut your kids’ hair. We’re listing a few more here. It will help you keep your children’s hair nice and tidy for 0 dollars:

  • Cut your kids’ hair in a place that is easy to clean (garage, outside, etc). Don’t allow your kid to stand up until you’re finished. Else, you’ll have hairs everywhere.
  • Offer a reward for staying still. You can even make it into a challenge. (e.g. “Can you be completely still for 1 minute?”).
  • Pick a quick and simple hairstyle for younger or more energetic kids.
  • Quiet clippers are your friend.
  • Your kid will be a lot easier to control if they have something to do. Let them watch a video or play a video game while you buzz away.
  • Allow them to help with the cut by styling their own hair after it’s cut. Or let them pick which haircut they want!

Following these tips, you’ll save a ton of money on your kids’ hair. Even if it will test your parenting abilities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What would I look like with a buzz cut? Find out instantly!

Wondering how you’d look with buzzed hair before you take the plunge?

There are a few apps that allow you to experiment with different haircuts. But buzz cut is quite rare. From the ones we’ve tried, the Bald Head Photo Booth fared best.

bald head app

It’s free, and offers a large number of buzz cuts and shaven styles. All you need is to take a selfie. Then work with the app to see how you would look with a buzz cut.

No need for a hairstylist or even trimmers! And you can always change your mind …

Will a buzz cut make my receding hairline more obvious?

As many as 25% of men with male pattern baldness will start to notice their hair thinning before they reach 21! 12

Quite shocking, right?

If you’re one of them, just know you’re not alone. Women and even children face this same problem, albeit a lot less often.

Our suggestion?

Do what Ewan McGreggor, Jason Statham, and Adam Levine did:

They embraced it as a fact of life and simply started to wear a buzz cut.

A buzz cut is one of the best hairstyles for someone with a receding hairline. It looks badass, masculine, and shows off your facial features. On top of it all, it’s easy to maintain.

How to sharpen hair clippers?

Luckily …

Most of consumer-grade clipper blades these days are self-sharpening. They do not require old-school sharpening methods that we talk about here. These methods are often also discouraged by the manufacturers.

Some professional-grade trimmers (like Oster Classic 76) require pro sharpening. It is provided by the manufacturer’s service center. Please consult your clipper’s manual to learn exactly what they recommend.

Word of advice for barbershops. We suggest you buy a spare blade to use while your old blades are in sharpening.

Noticing your ceramic or stainless steel blades don’t cut as well as they used to?

The best bet could be to simply replace them. We’ve got a thorough list of detachable blades for the main clipper brands. It will help you pick the right ones.

How do I maintain my hair clippers?

Basic clipper maintenance includes:

  • After every cut, make sure to clean the hair clippers. Remove any stray hairs thoroughly with a soft brush.
  • Oil the blades about once per month with lubricating oil.
  • Store the device in a dry and safe space (e.g. the box it came in).
  • Charge your lithium-ion battery-powered clippers as they drop to 70%.
  • Do not wrap the cord around the clipper while storing. This may decrease the cord’s lifespan.
  • Always use the supplied charger with the voltage and wattage meant for your clipper. This will prevent internal damage.
oiling hair clippers
This is where you should oil your hair clippers.

Keep in mind that your clipper may require special maintenance not listed here (like greasing the gears inside). Read the manual that came with your device to find out.

Have you thrown it out? Search the web with the brand and model + the word “manual” and you’re all set!

Where can I get custom clippers?

Tired of people taking your clipper, pretending they didn’t know it was yours?

Believe it or not, you can get personalized barber clippers …

They make a fantastic birthday present for professionals. Plus they will quickly become the conversation starter of any salon.

custom hair clippers

Custom paint jobs, logo prints, name inscriptions, and more is available. We found places online where you can grab your own custom clipper kit or skin. Two examples are Clipper Camo and Funks. Boring clippers begone!

Which Are the Hair Clippers that Cut the Closest?

This is such a common question we have a whole post on just balding clippers.

But I’ll tell you a little secret right now …

The main difference can be achieved by simply replacing the blades. Get those that cut hair very close to the skin. You can even use the clippers you already have at home. That is, if they have detachable blades. In this case, you can even zero-gap them.

If not …

Maybe you just want a simple clipper with none of the work. In this case, we recommend you look at our balding pick.

What do YOU think?

Do you agree with our research? What’s your favorite clipper?

Tell us about it in the comments.

We’re always looking to improve this guide as well as all the rest. It was first written in the 2014, and we keep updating it to feature new products.

If you like it, why not tell your friends about it? It helps a ton and makes it possible for us to keep doing our epic write-ups!

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