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The Ultimate Guide to Hair Clipper Sizes

Hair clippers have definitely become a standard part of every home, especially in today’s economy. You might ask what the economy has got to do with hair clippers?

Well, owning a hair clipper set is a smart economical choice because instead of visiting your barber or hairdresser salon every month for getting a haircut, you can cut your hair from the comfort of your home.

In order to do that properly, you’ll need to know that the hair clipper guard sizes are and how do hair clipper sizes work to start with!

It requires a little research, especially when it comes to popular brands, models, and accessories and attachments included.

Having multiple guide combs and blades is one criteria when it comes to choosing the right hair clipper that’ll suit your hairstyle. So, it’s advisable for you to understand the numbers in hair clippers sizes and their equivalent length because these numbers are very important for getting different length variations of your hair.

Hair clippers have adjustable length settings and removable length guards so that you can cut your hair in a uniform length easily and quickly. These guards are all numbered and each number correlates to a specific length. Although the guards are standardized, you might find a slight variation from one model to another.

If you still haven’t got a clipper though, do not fret! Head over to our selection of the best hair clippers here.

Among all hair clippers, there are three big brands we’re all familiar with – Oster, Wahl, and Andis. Each clipper from these major brands uses either guide combs or detachable blades, and furthermore, different brands have different clipper blade or guard numbers. Here’s our updated research on hair clipper lengths.

Oster Hair Clipper Blade Sizes

BladeSize (inches)Size (mm)Image
000001/1250.2oster blade 00000
00001/1000.25oster blade 0000
0001/500.5oster blade 000
Modified 0A1/500.5modified 0a oster
0A3/641.2oster modified 0a
Size 13/322.4oster 1
Size 1A1/83.2oster 1a
Size 1 ½5/324oster 1 1/2
Size 21/46.3oster clipper blade size 2
Size 3 ½3/89.5oster blades size 3 1/2
Size 3 ¾1/212.7oster size 3 3/4
18 Skiptooth1/83.2oster skiptooth 18 blade
Texturing1/83.2oster texturing replacement blade
Flattop T1/500.5oster flattop t hair clippers blade

Source: official reference guide to Oster blades

Please note that the Oster blades fit Classic 76, Model One, Octane, Outlaw Clippers and Model 10.

Wahl Hair Clipper Sizes

Wahl hair clippers feature a unique lever that lets you adjust the size on the go. One set of the blades is included with the clippers — however, if you need a replacement, they are also available.

Wahl also produces Competition series which fit some of the Oster and Andis clippers and have the same sizes as those. You can browse these cheaper blades here.

BladeSize (inches)Size (mm)Image
10051/32—1/81—3wahl clipper blade
10061/32—1/81—3wahl blade size
2191*1/500.5wahl blade size 0
5-in-1wahl blade size 5-in-1
2105wahl blade size
2161wahl blade size
2228wahl blade size
1045-100wahl blade size
All-in-onewahl blade size

Source: official Wahl website, Amazon customer Q&A’s. We reached out to Wahl to help us with the missing data.

*The size listed is minimum size as the blades are adjustable.

Andis Hair Clipper Sizes

If you own the adjustable Andis hair clipper rather than the one with detachable blades, we recommend you also have a look at the official hair clipper chart.

BladeSize (inches)Size (mm)Image
000001/1250.17andis hair clipper blade
00001/1000.25andis hair clipper blade
0001/500.5andis hair clipper blade
0A3/641.2andis hair clipper blade
Size 13/322.4andis hair clipper blade
Size 1¼7/642.8andis hair clipper blade
Size 1A1/83.2andis hair clipper blade
Size 1½5/324andis hair clipper blade
Size 21/46.3andis hair clipper blade
Size 2¾5/167.9andis hair clipper blade
Size 3½3/89.5andis hair clipper blade
5/8 HT5/816andis hair clipper blade

Source: official Andis’ Attachment Comb/Blade Length Comparison Chart

Please note that the Andis Hair Clippers Combs fit MBG, BGCL, BGRC, BGR+, BGC, and BG.

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Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

If the clipper sizes listed above are still way too short for you, then you’ll have to go with a hair clipper attachment to get the style that you want.

Every company produces its own guards, and there are also guards available on the market that will fit virtually any clipper. Let’s have a quick look at these products before we move on to haircut examples.

hair clipper attachments

Oster Comb Guide Attachment Set

This cheap set of plastic guides will allow you to cut sizes ranging from 1/16″ (1.6mm) to 1¼” (31.75mm). Click here to see how much it costs >

wahl 8-piece guide sethair clipper guard sizes wahl

Wahl Guide 8-Piece Set for Fades

These allow you sizes from 1/8″ (3mm) to 1″ (25mm). Here you can give them a closer look >

Hair Clipper Sizes Examples (Haircuts)

Let’s have a look at how these different clipper sizes look on your head.

The Bald Look

white bald man

Excellent for those who have started balding but would like to hold on to that young look for a little longer. You’ll need to use one of the smallest blades for this (#00000) or even a razor. Remember to wear sunscreen!

The Standard Buzzcut

buzzcut black man

This simple uniform-length haircut is super easy to maintain and probably the cheapest possible way to look neat and fashionable. Use one of the larger bladesizes, and you won’t need a hair clipper guide.

The Layered Style

hipster man with short hair tattoos and a black dog

This style will require at least one clipper guide size. Try going for the largest you have available, and then use a slightly smaller one for the sides and the back. This should fairly safely give you a nice crew cut.

Well, it mostly depends on the look and style you’re going for. Whatever blade or hair clipper guard you will choose, make sure it corresponds with the style you want to have. If you’re going for haircut buzzed close to the scalp, choose a small size clip with a small number on it. Going for a longer hair? Opt for a big clipper size.

Hair clippers are easy and safe to use for all people, and you just can’t mess up your hairstyle while using them. But if you’re that clumsy, don’t worry; everything is fixable!

You can even experiment with your hair a bit, but whatever you do, you must learn how to use the right hair clipper size for the style you want. As you can see, the sizes range greatly, and thus it’s advisable to know ahead of time what can you expect.

Remember: always go for a clipper size that is slightly longer than you’ll need because you can go shorter anytime you want. You know the saying: measure twice, but cut once.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, super-short men’s buzz cuts are so ‘IN’ right now. Not only will you look great, but you will also be able to come out of a shower and be immediately ‘styled’. If you’re not 100% sure about a buzzcut, however, why not check out our fine run-down of best hair-cutting scissors available?

If you’re looking for a different type of change of your hair, why not bleach? Here is a list of the top bleaches we recommend.

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  1. Wahl numbers their clipper guides based on 1/8 inch increments. Two inch comb would be 16/8. Try order two inch from Amazon.

  2. I have pretty long hair for a boy and I want it to be even on all size but still keep lost of the length what clip should I use I have about 6~7 inches of hair and want to have about 4~6 inches to keep

  3. What is the largest Wahl hair cutting guide? Steve Done stated that Wahl makes a 2″ cutting guide. Do you know the number so that I could order one from Wahl?
    I bought a # 1 1/2″ Wahl cutting guide (#3354-1100) but it states a 3/16″ cut on the package? Please let me know the largest cutting guide that I can order from Wahl.

    1. Wahl cutting guides are numbered by 1/8″ increments. A #6 will be 6 X 1/8″ = 3/4″; #2 will be 2 X 1/8″ = 1/4″; #1 will be 1 X 1/8″ = 1/8″. So, #1-1/2 will be 1.5 X 1/8″ = 3/16″. A Wahl guide for 2 inches would be a #16: 16 X 1/8″ = 2″.

      Hope this helps!

  4. We’ve now updated the guide according to our readers’ feedback, supported by official data by the manufacturers. Thanks for helping us become better every day!

  5. This is WRONG WRONG . A 2 blade and a 2 guard are the same length! 1/4 inch! Please correct this terrible misinformation.
    A 00000 is 1/32 of an inch ‍♀️

  6. Being a professional barber and loyal Oster 76 user. The blade numbers and hair lengths are incorrect. #00000 is nearly bald not 1/16” that would be the #000, #1=1/8”, #1.5=3/16”, #2=1/4”, #3=3/8”

  7. If I use wahl I can raze the blade up for a half size more in length . Is there a half size blade for Oster 10 to give me that half so I can put a 2 attachment and get a 2.5 ?

    1. All I see is people cutting hair with guards. If you went to a Barber College the instructor should have shown you how to use detachable blades instead of guards. Guards weren’t allowed in our Barber College and considered not being a real Barber. State board of Barbers didn’t allow the use of guards. However, whatever works for you keep doing it. STERILIZATION and SANITATION should always #1.

  8. I think that “inches” in the tables correspond to “cm” and not “mm”.

    Take the Oster OA blade, guide comb 4.
    That is 1/2″ and the table reports 1.2mm, but 1/2 inches equal to 12.7mm (or 1.27cm).

    Also, 1.2mm would be clearly too short there :).

  9. I always use this post as a reference for when I’m I need to know the order of the metal detachable blades. Helpful guide (two-thumbs up)!

  10. I spent the money to go to school to learn this in a professional manner. If you don’t know any of this and have to ask ask the right people a professional barber or stylist. Because obviously this is not the place to be asking. Way to many mixed views. As a professional I see people do this at home not knowing what they are doing and ask us to fix there mistakes especially on there children. If you must use clippers stay with Wahl’ s and there clipper guards. Easier to understand. Leave Oster’s to the professionals.

  11. Ok ik this sounds stupid but im not very good with this ok so i have a “wahl”usa clippers and i always use its like pink or purplish but it says 3/16 4.5mm…i always use that one to buzz my sons hair off ok so i used that one to just do the sides cuz i wanted to leave the top a fade but also so i could spike it up in middle but i wanted to just trim it just a little so it looked good but i dont know what one to use for that is it the bigger wider guard the one that just trims it or is it the smaller ones? Please someone help me

  12. These charts only make sense if the length in mm is the length left by using the bare blade and the length in inches is the additional length added by the guide.

    Another poster pointed out that if the length was in mm everyone would be bald. Well, yes. Everyone who has their hair cut with a bare blade is pretty close to bald, in fact with a 00000 blade you are essentially “shaved” as a 00000 blade cuts as close as an electric razor.

    You really need to straighten up these tables unless you are a sadist who is trying to fool people into shaving their heads.

  13. Question: I’ve got an Oster 76 and would like to know which size blade and guide(s) I need to buzz my hair to 3/8″


    1. hey if you haven’t got an answer yet..I have two answers for you.
      if you use a metal 000 with a plastic 3 comb/guard that is equal to 3/8″ cut
      or if you want a metal blade use the 3 1/2

  14. So if I want to cut off 1″ of hair, I would use the 1″ guard? Or is it, if I want 1″ of hair length left, at I use the 1″ guard?

    1. You use a larger numer guard- the 1″ *guard*.
      Usually a 1 guard is going to be quite short with the scalp easily visible.

  15. It is always easier to start with the larger guards and work your way down. You can always cut more hair if needed, but you can never put it back on. This will get you more familiar with the guard sizes as you use them.

  16. I’m looking at this and still not real sure. We own a couple of Shih Tzu that we keep the hair pretty short on. So I’m thinking of running a few tests on them first. After giving them a bath first of course.

    If you don’t have a pet I’m sure you could coax a neighbors pet inside for a snack. ;D

  17. could some one please tell me as i cant find info anywhere, im transferring from using wahl super tapers to oster 97s, can you please shed some light on what oster blades translate to the same as wahl no 0,1,2&3? thanks

  18. The sizing for the clipper blades on oster is way way off. A 3 3/4 blade leaves a half inch. 3 1/2 leaves 3/8 2 blade leaves a quarter inch 1 blade is 1/8 and so on. Please fix this before someone shaves all their hair off with a 000 thinking its 1/4 inch.

    1. That’s true an Oster 2 leaves 1/4 inch but if you look at the chart they’re giving the length left if cutting with an Oster 2 blade used in combination with a number 8 guide comb. It’s admittedly weird they included guide combs with each reading but I think they just wanted to show you the way to achieve various lengths in order. From what I’ve read, a number 2 oster with no guide comb would be equivalent to an Oster 000 with a number 2 guide comb.

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