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This site is terrific—a one stop full-reference guide. — Barry, in an email

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Thanks for your long and detailed post. Very informational. — Steve, in a comment

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I like your site. Simple to the point, good details on hair clippers. — Bill Johnston, in an email

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I love this site. My only regret is that I don’t currently have time to scour every bit of it! — Craig Brock, in an email

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Nice set and easy to read. Was easy to see and understand the hair clipper recommendations and pros and cons of each. — BH, in an email

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How do I start cutting my own hair?


Next time, try one of these 6 easy buzz cut styles!


What are the best tools available?

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Our top recommendations

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Home use: Remington Vacuum

Best for cutting your family’s hair. Features a built-in vacuum cleaner, making the clean-up troubles a thing of the past. Perfect for families who want to save a few bucks on haircuts, it leaves a lot of room for creativity. Maybe you want to leave more hair on top? With this tool, that is easy — and mess-free!

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Remington Shortcut hair clipper

Personal use: Remington Shortcut

Great for people who need a one-over of their brush cut or burr cut every couple of days on a single clipper length and don't want to bother thinking too much about their buzz cut, be it long or short. This simple to maintain haircut looks good on almost any face shape, making it super popular — and this tool one of the best gadgets you can get to DIY it at home.

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Oster Classic 76 hair clipper

Professional use: Oster Classic 76

Time-tested classic of the hair clipper world. Powerful, sturdy, and will last you a long time — an absolute favorite of many professional barbers. It's suitable for creating more advanced fade haircuts, such as a buzz cut fade, taper on the sides and back, and many other more complex haircuts like the ivy league and more.

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