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The 8 Best Clippers for Black Hair [Top Reviews in 2024]


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Many people with black hair desire to have a changed look but are in a fix while deciding on the right clippers for themselves.

It’s interesting to know that hair growth, like skin color, varies from one ethnicity to another despite shared biological and structural characteristics.


Accepting this fact follows the demand for different kinds of hair clippers among different people depending upon the growth of their hairs.

So, this is the case among people with black hair.

Some of the most prominent hair characteristics of such  Afro-American raced hairs are more curls and thick growth.

Clipper’s brands come and go, constantly, but one thing is for certain: the great hairdressing of black hair takes the right set of best hair clippers.

Black hair clippers variation exists depending upon the motor, weight, and other ergonomics.

So, what type of clippers are the best for black hair?

It’s an age-old question that we have come up with the right answer.

Here are eight of the best clippers for black hairs that caught our attention.

Read on to find out!

What is Black Hairs?

best clippers for black hair

Introduction to Styling Black Hair with Clippers:

African-American black hair is generally possessed with characteristics like high curling, coarseness, and hardness.

Hairdressing of these black hairs having hard characteristics requires robust hair clippers endowed with sharp blades, strong motors, long-lasting batteries, and ergonomic design.

Whether it’s professional hairdressing or home styling of black hair, a good quality clipper is something that can never be compromised.

Keeping all the above-mentioned factors in mind there is a need to go through complete research before investing your money in a hairdressing instrument for black hair.

Top brands of Black hair clippers are available globally they all are working hard to meet the challenge of styling black hair with better performance.

This article specifically focuses on finding out the top secrets hidden in black hair clippers and their difference from regular hair clippers.

Let’s conclude this part with a simple conclusion that the selection of the right clipper depends upon your needs and you have to steer clear of it.

Let’s move to the next section.

Best Black Hair Clippers Reviews:

1. Wahl 5-star Elite Pro Clipper – Editor’s Choice

Wahl 5-star Elite Pro Clipper Editor’s Choice

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BrandWahl Professional
length6 inches
Weight1 pound
BatteryLithium-Ion battery, Cordless, Electromagnetic, and Rechargeable, 120V-60HZ
BladesZero-overlap blades
AccessoriesStyling Comb, Blade oil, Red Blade guide, charging Transformer, Operating instructions
Customer Views4.7 out of 5 stars
PricePlease Click Here to check

Rank For: Professional Designing, Excellent Battery, Light Weight.

What Do We Love About It?

When it comes to the best black hair clippers, Wahl 5-star elite pro clipper is one of the best performing clippers available in the market.

It’s not only the editor’s top choice but it is also preferred by home styling guys equally.

The reason behind the top-class performance of the clipper lies in the cordless motor. Although it’s not as powerful as a corded motor, its performance is far better than expectations.

Most of its users are found satisfied by the performance of the motor.

Crunch blade design lies next in the list of ideal features assembled on the clipper. The credit of the superfine shaving and fading of hair goes to its blade.

The kit also comes with a bonus blade cover that also helps in protecting the blade from dust and dirt.

A magic clip featuring staggered-tooth 2161 blade, cordless cutting capability, 8 magic clip capabilities lithium battery, ergonomic designing with ease of usage, performs excellent functioning for black hair.

The complete package has some bonus items, free of cost.

If you want to enjoy the uninterrupted performance for a long time working then you are advised to apply clipper oil, keep the blade guard on and properly clean the blades with a cleaning brush before and after each usage.


  • High-quality blades perform excellent cutting of black hair.
  • Lighter in weight and handy in working.
  • Battery time of more than one hour in a single charge.
  • The ergonomic design looks beautiful and performs excellent work.
  • Accessories-rich package has different free tools.
  • Easy to use


  • Extremely sharp blades.
  • Lack of battery indicator.

Bottom line:

The clipper’s crunch blade design, a powerful cordless motor, and magic clip capabilities are some appreciable features found in the trimmer.

2. Conair Simple Cut – Best Premium

Conair Simple cut

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Length10.5 inches
Weight15.5 ounces
MotorMagnetic, DC motor
Battery120V AC 60 HZ
BladesStainless steel 
AccessoriesBarber comb, barber scissor, a storage pouch, cleaning brush, lubricant oil, 6 comb attachments, blade guard 
Special FeatureChrome Clipper
PricePlease Click Here to check

Rank For: Easy to Use, Light Weight, Value for money.

What Do We Love About It?

Are you trying to make salon-graded styling at home?

It is not an easy task: it is near to nonexistence and impossible.

Worry not anymore!

Your black hair can be styled easily at home with the help of Conair’s Simple cut trimmer. It enables saloon-grade hairdressing at the access of your hand.

Multiple functions of the Conair Clipper in the existence of additional battery performance further enhance the interest of the people having black hair in this product.

Battery timing is one of the most crucial factors at play in the functioning of the best black hair clippers. Durable battery performance enables simple as well as black hairstyling a fun thing.

You do not need to worry about your extra curly and thick hairs: you can easily style your thick hair at home by using the simple cut trimmer.

The whole family styling package does wonders for everyone at home. Whether it’s baby hair cutting or baba’s shaving everyone is satisfied by its performance.

Stainless steel blades give smooth hair cutting in every shave. Besides, magnetic motor clippers in addition to steel blades ensure long-lasting styling precision.

The package includes 6 comb attachments of different sizes, you can change your comb according to your requirement in hair styling. In addition to this, the package also includes a bonus.

If you are wondering how people with black hair do their styling at home with a professional-grade clipper.

Then stop wondering any more and confidently pick a Conair Simple cut trimmer and start trimming your facial and body hair according to your choice.


  • The cordless motor of the clipper performs its functioning efficiently.
  • Conair Black hair clipper has a very ergonomic design and is lightweight.
  • Ease of handling and using for both home and professional usage.
  • Sharp steel blades and powerful motor of Conair simple cut are excellent in their functioning.


  • A little noisy when performing powerful functions.
  • Quite bulky in size and has more weight.

Bottom Line:

Overall Conair Simple Cut is liked by people with black hair. Its performance is totally up to the mark and battery life is also good to go for hours.

3. Andis professional T-outliner – Professional

Andis professional T-outliner

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ManufacturerAndes Co
Length6 foot
Weight11.2 ounces
Motormagnetic, Single speed
BladesSquare blade, T-Blade, Deep Tooth T-Blade, Zero Grapper Blade 
AccessoriesReplacement T-Blade, snap-on blade attachment, cordless recharger
Strokes Per Minute7,200
PricePlease Click Here to check

Rank For: Easy to Use, Light Weight, long battery time.

What Do We Love About It?

As the name indicates its professional hairdressing like dry- shaving and fading. Black hairs are difficult to style due to their thick texture and higher curling. The special problem faced by Afro-American races is addressed by Andis T-outliner.

The appearance of the trimmer is the first most attractive factor considered worth mentioning in the clipper.

A polymer body with beautiful grey coloration and sharp t-shaped blades is great for outlining like fading and shaving. Its functioning is up to the standards for both thick and thin hairs.

A high-speed magnetic motor ensures uninterrupted shaves without any disturbance in working. It runs smoothly on black curly hairs and is handy for professional handling and hairdressing.

As we all know America is ruling the global tech industry, people around the world usually trust American brands a bit more than the rest of the world.

This American-Made Andis T-outliner is an example of its design and assemblage. Not only designing but the functioning of the clipper is superior grade.

The polymer material is equipped with close-cutting carbon steel and excellent performing blades.  The strength of the trimmer lies in its best quality material.

American design T-liner blades are perfect for designing and trimming hairs on the head, mouth, neck or beard, etc. High-speed battery and sharp-edged blades are also workable for animal hair trimming too.


  • Sharp t-shaped blades help a lot in cutting black curly hairs.
  • The more flexible 8-foot power cord of the motor powers the clipper.
  • Superior quality blades are good for sensitive skin.
  • Adjustable blades can be readjusted in shaving and cutting of own choice.


  • Short warranty.
  • Flimsy attachment.

Bottom line:

It’s an all-time favorite of users, whether they are home users or professional hairdressers.

The most important features of the trimmer are polymer body, ergonomics, magnetic motor, and T-liner blades.

4. Wahl Grooming Kit 79602

Wahl Grooming Kit 79602

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Weight2.5 pounds
BladesPremium Wahl Blades, Self Sharpening
AccessoriesStyling combs, scissors, comb, stainless steel attachment clip, 8-foot industrial cord, premium storage case, clipper oil
Storage CasePremium hard
PricePlease Click Here to check

Rank For: Strong motor, ease of handling, ergonomics.

What Do We Love About It?

If you are looking for a professional-grade black hair clipper with fine precision and sharp-edged blades then we advise you to go for Wahl Elite Pro 79602 clipper confidently.

The availability of 8 clippers in the package provides you with more options for hair styling. Stainless steel combs make both professional and home hairdressing easy tasks.

A powerful and durable motor with longer battery life works excellently for long hair styling tasks. The shape and design of the clipper are handy in use and easy to hold.

The battery life of the clipper further adds value to the existing features and makes it a more valuable piece in the market. Once it’s recharged completely it keeps on working for hours after hours.


  • Long battery life is the most appreciable characteristic of the clipper.
  • Sharp edge blades ensure uninterrupted cutting and shaving of black curly hairs.
  • Stainless steel combs for the styling of black hairs.
  • 8-clippers for professional hair styling at home.
  • Excellent functioning of the motor.


  • Not professional barber clippers.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Based on North American Dollar Sales.

Bottom line:

Clipper outshines in the market based on its long battery life, ease of handling, and durable motor.

Based on its world-class features, the clipper has great bayers.

5. BabyBliss Pro Golden outliner

BabyBliss Pro Golden outliner

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length8.5 inches
Weight3 Ounces 
BatteryDual Voltage
BladesTaper blade
AccessoriesStyling combs, scissors, barb comb, stainless steel attachment clip, 2-foot industrial cord, clipper oil
Battery Timing2 hours
PricePlease Click Here to check 

Rank For: Easy to Use, Ergonomics, Long Battery Life.

What Do We Love About It?

Wahl professional 5-star black hair clipper is the ultimate choice of professional Berbers and home users due to its ergonomics, battery life, and flexibility.

It’s not only good for black hair but also one of the high picks among people with normal hair.

The cordless motor of the Wahl professional 5-star black hair clipper has enough power to handle tough black curly hairs. It is no less than a corded motor in its performing capacity.

 Another admirable feature is the lithium-ion battery. Battery life is always admired by its users which remains active for more than two hours after a single recharge.

Additional bonuses on the Wahl professional 5-star clipper are cleaning brush, blade oil, blade guard, and eight combs of different lengths. Don’t worry about any additional charges; these all are provided free of cost.


  • Heavy-duty motor for uninterrupted cutting of curly hair.
  • Ease of usage.
  • Comes with essential hairstyling in the package.
  • Sharp blades perform excellent trimming and shaving functions of black hair.


  • Strong clipper vibration causes hand fatigue.

Bottom line:

Besides battery life and versatility, the ergonomics of the Wahl professional 5-star is mind-blowing.

It’s easy to handle for both professional and home users.

6. Hatteker Cordless Hair Trimmer

Hatteker Cordless Hair Trimmer

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length10.63 inches
Weight1.74 pounds
BladeCeramics, Self Sharpening
AccessoriesHair clipper,  Guide Comb, 6 hair combs, 1 detail trimmer, 1 precision dial, USB base
USB Quick chargingyes
PricePlease Click Here to check

Rank For: Easy to Use, Easy to Hold, Ergonomics.

What Do We Love About It?

What do people love the most in Hetteker Cordless Black hair trimmer?

Stay tuned to get the answer.

First of all, the attractive shape of the clipper with a lower holder for recharging helps in keeping it in a straight position by covering less space. This factor is one among its durability and longevity of functioning.

Secondly, the availability of three different attachments enables the styling of facial and body hairs according to the requirement.

You simply need to replace attachment and take action of your own choice and style your black hairs according to your taste.

If you are worried about the functioning of the blades of your clipper then relax and go for a Hatteker Cordless Hair trimmer without any doubt in your mind.

High precision sharp blades stay sharp longer without getting affected after each shave.

Most importantly, the trimmer has never been found guilty about the poor performance of its blades. However,  in some cases, extra sharp blades are criticized for causing cuts to the skin.

Do you remember the last time you changed your hairstyle by using your clipper if you avoid doing so due to the absence of different trimmer guards in your black hair trimmer?

Then you are advised to go for a Hatteker Cordless Hair trimmer for changing your looks according to your mood.

Battery timing is another important factor that lies at the heart of The performance of the battery is beyond doubt: it is long-lasting and keeps on performing even after a single time of recharging.

The whole package comes with multiple free bonuses which include attachment guards, style combs, and precision dials. These all are valuable tools provided by Hatteker free of cost.


  • User-friendly black hair clipper.
  • A powerful rotary system makes it the best hair clipper.
  • Impressive tunable blades.
  •  Attachment guards can be adjusted according to black hair styling.
  • 6 style combs for different black hair styling.


  • Battery performance impacts the user’s experience.
  • Too sharp blades are often complained about giving cuts.

Bottom line:

Hetteker cordless hair trimmer featuring ceramic blades, powerful battery, attachment guards and LCD is a perfect grooming kit for men.

7. Philips Norelco Multigroom

Philips Norelco Multigroom

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BrandPhilips Norelco
Length10.85 inches
Weight15 ounces
MotorCord/ Cordless
BatteryLithium-ion Rechargeable
BladesDual Cut
AccessoriesStyling combs, scissors, fading comb, stainless steel attachment clip, 14-foot industrial cord, premium storage case, clipper oil
Country of OriginIndonesia
PricePlease Click Here to check

Rank For: Quite, Ergonomics, Easy to Hold.

What Do We Love About It?

If a black hair professional is asked what would you prefer in the Black hair trimmer?

His answer must be, high-quality blades of the black hair clipper.

Here, before introducing Philip Norelco Multigroomer black hair trimmer, I would proudly introduce not only superior quality blades of the trimmer but also its long-lasting battery.

The clipper is most of the time preferred by professionals for its long battery timing and better motor performance. Both features make it one of the best hair clippers available in the market.

In addition to the above-discussed characteristics, Philips Norelco Multigroom appears in a complete packaging of more than 23 pieces. Provision of these free bonuses along with trimmer enhances professional styling by many folds.

It is not only preferred by people having normal hairs but it also cuts black hairs excellently without any interruption.

If you have a barbershop and luckily bought a Philip trimmer as well, you can make your black hair customers happy by using different trimmer blades of your own choice according to your customer’s styling taste.

You simply need to change the trimmer blade and do the difficult function of heavy hair styling more efficiently.

Battery performance is something never compromised in a black hair trimmer as the curly hard hair takes more energy for hair dressings.

Battery run time is more than 5 hours after single recharging. You have to recharge it once and become tension free for hours.

If you don’t have time for recharging then worry no!

Philip has resolved your problem as it stays functional even if the battery is not properly recharged. The solution to this problem lies in the fact that you can use it while plugging in.

Philips multi groomer washable trimmer with dual cut technology had made styling an easy task.

Steel trimmer comes with a premium stainless steel case and has further addition of a foil shaver, steel precision trimmer, nose, and ear trimmer, and extra-wide hair trimmer.

These all extra additions in the box are no less than a blessing for professional styling at home.


  • No heating issues are found in the Philip Norelco Multigroom clipper.
  • Philip’s Black hair clipper has a strong motor and a long-lasting battery that keeps on performing for hours after single recharging.
  • Stainless steel body not only looks attractive but also gives strength to the clipper.
  • Washable trimmers of the clipper could be easily washed after each use to keep it cleaner and safer.
  • Trimmers of different sizes are available for different styling to black hairs according to the choice of home users and customer’s demand by professional hairstylists.
  • The ergonomic design looks attractive and enhances the efficiency of the trimmer.


  • Battery performance sometimes interrupts black hair styling.
  • A little expensive.

Bottom line:

Battery performance is the first most important factor appreciated in this trimmer.

Apart from the battery, the motor and superior quality blades of the Philip Norelco hair trimmer are powerful and work excellently for professional styling too.

8. StyleCraft Protege

StyleCraft Protege

Check price


length9.65 inches
Weight3 ounces 
Battery2- lithium 
BladesStainless steel
AccessoriesStyling combs, USB cord, stainless steel attachment clip, 8-foot industrial cord
Warranty5 years 
PricePlease Click Here to check

Rank For: Complete Satisfaction, Ergonomic, Heavy Duty, Value for money.

What Do We Love About It?

StyleCraft’s Protege clipper and trimmer combination set comes with stainless steel blades which are sharp in cutting and hive fine finishing to black hair.

One of the most important characteristics of the StyleCraft Protege clipper is its battery power. A single charging can work for more than four hours uninterrupted.

Its long battery timing makes it most popular among professional black hairdressers and they call it the best black hair clipper.

If you are worried about whether the battery has been charged fully or not, the LED charging indicator provided in this clipper has resolved your problem.

Home users besides professional hairdressers go for StyleCraft clippers due to its mini USB rechargeable battery. That makes it easier to handle and take anywhere.


  • Sharp and curved blades ensure easy styling on black hairs.
  • Light in its weight and easier to handle during black hair styling.
  • Mini USB rechargeable battery helps in recharging clippers easily.
  • LED charging indicator points out the charging state of the hair clipper.
  • Four hours uninterrupted charging after a single recharge.


  • The weak motor complains most of the time.
  • Very short warranty.

Bottom line:

Not only black hairdressers but also normal home stylists are satisfied with its performance, it’s the best-to-go option for black hair.

How to Choose the Best Clippers for Black Hair – Buyer’s Guide:

best clippers for black hair

What are the most important factors to be kept in mind while selecting clippers for black hairs?

Generally, people are faced with multiple problems.

Simply have a look into our buying guide based on four characteristics of Black hair clippers and you will get to know that it’s a bad idea to just buy a trimmer from a local convenience store.

Stay with me here and get the 4 secret factors while picking up the ultimate Black Hair Clipper for your personal or professional hairdressing.

1. Corded vs Cordless:

The power source is the most crucial factor at play in the selection of the right clipper.

Let me explain it in simple words. The battery-run clippers have more instances of a reduction in their power source with time.

However, corded clippers are free from this problem. Their battery does not fade down with time.

Apart from battery power, the weight of both clippers also varies from one another.

If you are going to select the best Black hair clipper for personal use then we won’t suggest going for corded clippers as they are bulky and are not travel-friendly.

Therefore, cordless clippers are a preferable choice of home uses and corded clippers of professional hairdressers.

Now the above-discussed facts take us to the next factor:

2. Professional-Grade vs Home use Clippers:

Here we have another interesting fact to disclose to you that professional-grade Black hair Clippers are much more expensive than home use clippers. Multiple factors are at play in case of the difference among both.

By paying a little extra money you get better quality, warranty, and replaceable parts of the clippers. The trusted companies promise to repair issues and are available around the year.

With these pro characteristics, professional clippers besides heavy budget never been selected for home use to cut your hair.

3. Features and Quality:

Clipper manufacturers try to befool you with free bonuses like cleaning brush, guide book, storage case, etc.

Avoid being entrapped to these cheap bonuses rather focus on the features and quality of the product.

Never compromise on these salient features of a Black clipper.

  • The battery power of the motor.
  • The sharpness of blades.
  • Durability and sturdiness of the clippers.
  • Provision of warranty by the company.
  • Battery life.
  • Waterproofing or ergonomic designing etc.

4. Hair Clipper Brands:

Before moving ahead, ask yourself who introduced the first electric hair clipper to us?

If the name of Wahl company comes to your mind then your guess is right.

If you simply have a bird’s eye view of the most prominent clippers companies most probably you will go for Wahl, Andis, or Oster for professional use and would avoid going for Remington, etc for the same use. The latter is a better choice for home users.

5 Tips for the Right Maintenance of Black Hair Clipper:

clippers for black hair

Black hair clippers require proper care and protection. To increase their performance and efficiency,  you are advised to follow these 5 tips discussed below:

1. Clean your clipper properly with the help of a cleaning brush after every usage.

2. Oil occasionally after using clippers, not every single but twice usage must be followed by it.

3. Store your clippers properly in the plastic case.

4. Replace blades whenever needed.

5. Avoid using clippers for anything other than hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Hair Clipper Get Dull?

In the absence of proper care, black hair clippers may get dull. However, most of the clippers have an auto sharpening system that helps them in repairing after each usage.

Similarly, doing proper care of the clippers, regularly applying oil, and brushing the blades enhance the lifetime of the clippers.

How Often Should You Oil Your Clippers?

Applying the clipper oil not only improves the performance of the clipper but also reduces friction and pulling. After applying clipper oil it must be switched on for almost 5-10 seconds then it must be used for trimming or shaving purposes

According to Wahl’s FAQ page, lack hair clippers do not require to be oiled after every usage, rather they must be oiled after a couple of usages to keep them in a well-functioning state.

Can You Use Baby Oil On Hair Clippers?

Baby oil can be applied on hair clippers as lubricants. As the baby oils are made of coconut and mineral oils and are used to keep hair smooth and silky.

Therefore, baby oils are safe to use on hair clippers.

Also Read: Top 7 Best Fade Clippers Reviews – 2024 Buyer’s Guide


To conclude, black hair clippers are specially designed with sharper blades and improved motor systems.

To trim down black and African-American textured hair which increasingly tends to have more curls and tighter coils.

Some hair clippers can be used for all hair types however, all hair clippers are workable on Black curly hairs. Don’t forget to share your views on how helpful our article has proved for you.

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