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Which Pubic Hair Trimmer Is Best for Keeping Things in Check Down There?

Don’t ever shave your pubic hair.


Yup. Studies show that shaving your pubes can lead to nasty medical problems. Namely, razor burn, ingrown hairs 1 and even infections 2.

Trimming, on the other hand, is much safer.

In this massive post, we give you the best pubic hair trimmers on the market.

Other websites recommend another pubic hair trimmer as the #1 choice.

We’ll show you why they are wrong:

  1. Not every shaver is suitable for every person.
  2. Others do not base their recommendations in data.

But before we get to that, there is something you need to know:

4 factors you should think about when buying a trimmer for pubes

We’ve all been there …

You order something on Amazon. It gets to you, and it’s a total let-down.

Doing our research, we looked into what is important to you when buying trimmers. We all value safety, hygiene, features and good value pricing.

Wondering what else?

1. How they’re powered

cordless pubic hair trimmers

Just imagine you’re in the middle of trimming your pubes.

It’s midnight before your Tinder date. You want to get that extra close shave just in case you get lucky.

All goes well, until …

The battery inside your shaver runs out. And you’re without a spare!

Most body hair trimmers are cordless. They are either rechargeable or powered by an AA battery. Corded trimmers pack a lot more punch. However, they are a lot less practical for shaving your crotch.

This is why we recommend you choose cordless. oour top picks are all battery-powered.

2. Are they safe?

safe sensitive pubic hair trimmers

Ouch! Cuts and nicks to our nether parts hurt.

That is true whatever gender you are — no exception. Electric razors need to be completely safe and cut-free.

For this reason, safety and comfort are a top priority. The electric shaver you will buy must be friendly to the skin down there. It should obviously also never pull hairs.

Those with allergy issues: keep your eyes peeled for hypoallergenic features.

We’ve gone ahead and marked these on our picks to help your choice.

3. Can you use them elsewhere?

trimming underarm hair

Don’t even think about using your stubble shaver on your groin!

Shavers meant for other parts of the body may look like they could get the job done.

But they are not the same, trust me. That was a painful lesson …

If at all possible, you should get yourself a dedicated pubic trimmer. Do not use your old hair clipper. In a pinch, a body groomer will do … Luckily you can use your pubic hair trimmer to trim the underarm hairs.

4. What else can they do?

waterproof pubic hair trimmer

Here’s a tiny trick that makes trimming pubes a piece of cake …

The easiest way to trim your pubes is in the shower, doing what’s called a “wet trim”. The water will flush away the unwanted hair. Which means clean-up time is down to 2 seconds.

If that tickles your fancy (and why wouldn’t it?), make sure your bikini trimmer is reliably water-resistant.

You’ll want to make sure the trimmer’s shaving head is small and agile. This is to get into all the nooks and folds safely. Best trimmers also feature hair length settings.

An example of this is our Top Pick choice below.

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers in 2019: Reviews and Research

Why you should trust us: how we pick the best pubic hair trimmers

So, you’re really protective of your crotch, am I right?

That’s because I am as well. And … everyone else.

You’re getting a scary device with sharp blades to put on your genitals. Why should you trust an opinion from the internet?

Well, you shouldn’t.

You should trust us, however. I’ll explain why:

We base all Top Picks in real-life data. You’ll notice we source all our claims with links in the footnotes. If possible, we’ll find the facts from a scientific research paper.

But that is not all.

We’ve partnered with a third-party service. With them, we’ve analyzed online reviews of thousands of customers. This enabled us to find out what are the pros and cons of each product.

pros and cons

Have a look underneath the reviews of our trimmers below. You’ll see how often people praise or complain about certain features for each one.

It’s like talking to a crowd of real buyers of that trimmer.

All this extra information is going to help you make an informed decision. And you’ll be happier with your choice.

The best pubic hair trimmer

Criteria: versatility, safety, battery life, features

Philips 7000 Bodygroom

Battery charge80 min
PriceCheck price

What we love most about it:

This trimmer is a little on the pricey end, but for a good reason. It offers a lot of versatility.

What do we mean by that?

Well, there is one tool at each end of this trimmer:

  • one is a trimmer that will get the longer hairs, and
  • the other is a shaver to finish the job.

This trimmer features a good build quality with steel blades and a pivoting head. The head moves in different directions. This allows you to get close to every nook and cranny … if you catch our drift.

It’s waterproof. This allows shaving in the shower and makes the device easy to clean.

To quote Philips’ ad: “You’ll find an excuse to show your body!”

Pros and cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Philips 7000 Bodygroom. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Shave quality
Battery life
Body fit / Design
Bottom line:

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer 7000 checks all our boxes. It’s the best pubic area trimmer. It even throws in a little extra on top. If you want the best, get this one.
Buy online

Also good: Philips 1000 Bodygroomer

This much cheaper alternative to the 7000 does only one thing. But it does it well: it trims your hairs. It is, however, not suitable for longer hairs due to its weaker motor.

The upside is that it’s powered by a removable battery. This is the more eco-friendly option. It’s also convenient for the frequent traveler.

If you’re looking for options below $20, this is your best bet.
Buy online

Best pubic hair trimmer for guys

Criteria: versatility, larger size

Panasonic ER-GK60-S

Battery charge40 min
PriceCheck price

What we love most about it:

This Panasonic will make hair trimming challenges a thing of the past.

Its special V-shaped shaver head is meant for getting into hard-to-reach areas. You’ll get the groin without breaking a sweat.

You know what’s great? The self-sharpening blades will get as close as 0.1 mm!

Don’t want to be hairless like a baby?

No worries! The attachments will help you maintain a close stubble.

The best part? You can use this nifty little tool anywhere, not just “down below”. It’s okay to trim your back, armpits, chest … you finally won’t have to own a bunch of tools just to look great when naked.

Pros and cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Panasonic ER-GK60-S. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Shave quality
Bottom line:

We love this option. It’s up for basically any task you throw at it. It will still be kind to the groin part. A great option for men and anyone who values versatility.
Buy online

Also good: Remington BHT250

Offering a similar performance at a much lower price. This Remington is also a great option. The main difference between the two is in the design. This tool lacks the V-shaped tip found in our Top Pick above.
Buy online

Best pubic hair trimmer for ladies

Criteria: precision, price, close trim
pubic hair trimmer

Panasonic ES246AC

Battery charge45 min
PriceCheck price

What we love most about it:

Imagine saying goodbye to all the ingrown hairs on your skin and just … trim away the hair down there. Close to the skin, with no irritation.

Let us present … this Panasonic device.

Sometimes I wonder why are products split into two gendered groups. We all need the same features. But people ask us and we give well-researched picks.

This particular pick is an example. It is marketed to women, yes. But actually, it’s a great bikini line product for everyone.

Let’s see why:

  • low price,
  • gentle shaving,
  • lightweight device,
  • cleaning brush supplied,
  • adjustable to different lengths, and
  • elegant ergonomic design.

Why it isn’t bought by more people beats me. But don’t let that stop you though.

The highest price of this trimmer was $35. 3If you find it’s cheaper today, you’re getting a nice bargain!

Pros and cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Panasonic ES246AC. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Shave quality
Bottom line:

Great neutral design for a good price. You can’t beat that. This is for sure the best trimmer for women — and others.

Even cheaper: Clio Palmperfect

Looking for an even cheaper pick? Have a look at this bikini shaper. For half the price, you’re getting the similar trusty and safe stainless steel blades.

But there is a caveat: the device itself is not waterproof!
Buy online

The premium pick: Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe

This is a more expensive option if you want some luxury. It’s suitable for dry or wet trimming. The Perfect Deluxe comes with trimming combs and holds an hour charge.
Buy online

Best trimmer for balls

Criteria: safety, precision, comfort

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

BatteryAA (up to 1.5 months’ charge)
PriceCheck price

What we love most about it:

Okay, so this is actually a bestseller set, not just a trimmer. You’re getting a high-quality cordless trimmer, a razor, and an edger. For your beard.

Hold up … Why are we reviewing a facial hair trimmer to use on your nads?

Let us explain:

Gillette opted to market this as a beard-trimming set. But the technology for polishing the boys is … basically the same. Close trim, sensitive on the skin.

And we’re not just making this up:

Read the reviews — you’ll see many people are using this exact kit for clean-cut trimming of their sack hairs.

We’d recommend only using the supplied trimmer on your family jewels. The blades of the razor in this set may irritate the skin. And that is in places you don’t want irritated.

The trimmer is powered by an AA battery. The company says you should get good 1—1.5 months of trimming the hairs on your cahonas before needing to replace it.

Pros and cons:

We’ve analysed reviews online to discover what people actually think about Gillette Fusion ProGlide. This analysis was run in August 2019.

Shave quality
Battery life
Build quality
Bottom line:

Looking for a simple tool that will keep Tom and Harry neat and trimmed? this is it.

Gillette has earned its reputation as a men’s go-to brand. This is why it’s no surprise this is the Top Pick for balls. We feel it is a good value-packed option.
Buy online

Also good: The Lawn Mower by Manscaped

You probably saw an ad somewhere about this sleek groin trimmer. The fellas behind The Lawn Mower are serious about their marketing. That, unfortunately, reflects on the price.

Don’t mind paying extra for a nice slim design? Then do have a look at this option as well.
Buy online

Best pubic trimmer for sensitive skin

Criteria: safety, precision

Veet Sensitive Precision

PriceCheck price

What we love most about it:

You’re not getting just one tool, you’re getting three! But that’s not why we picked this one.

What’s best about this electric trimmer are the tiny attachments. You’ll have much more control over your trimming. Especially compared to some options above.

This is especially important for those who:

  • have very sensitive skin,
  • have skin bumps and birthmarks they need to be careful with,
  • simply want to be able to cut heir bikini area into a special shape.

It’s marketed towards women, but don’t pay too much mind to that. When is the last time anyone asked you what color your pubic hair trimmer is?


In this set, you’ll receive 7 different attachments. You can use these to deal with both body and facial hairs. For example, you can shape your eyebrows, underarms, and the groin.

They are really meant for detailing though. This is why they can replace other tiny hair management tools like tweezers. You’ll likely need another larger foil shaver to get larger areas.

Bottom line:

This styler is a great solution for anyone with very sensitive skin. The blades don’t ever touch the skin when shaving. On top of that, the tiny shaving heads allow for extreme precision.
Buy online

This is the end of our trimmer suggestions. What’s your favorite? Do you have a specific question? Write a comment below and let us know!

Next we have a bunch of helpful tips to keep the area down there neat, trimmed, and healthy …

The 3 benefits of shaving the pubic area everyone should be aware of

1. Better hygiene

hygiene smell

Trimming your hairs in the nether regions has one very obvious benefit:

Keeping clean.

Is it not possible to be clean going au naturel?

Of course! But a bush with long hair has a much higher chance of developing odors. Especially after a long day or an intense workout.

For people with periods, the hygiene part is even more important. Menstruation is a bigger challenge when rocking a larger bush. Especially when using pads.

Well, in fact …

This is actually true even for guys! All kinds of bodily fluids can get trapped in there. You know what we mean!

2. Feeling more confident

confidence shaved pubes

Can you guess what the number one reason people groom their neither regions is?

They feel more attractive. 4

That may be because:

  • their “tool” looks bigger if not surrounded by a forest of hairs, or
  • they like the sensation of touching their bare or nearly-bare skin, or
  • their partner(s) have a huge preference for it, or
  • something else.

Trimming their body hair is a quick hack to improve how you feel in your skin.

What’s your reason you trim your hairs down below? Let us know in the comments.

3. Better sex

You might be wondering:

Do hairs really play such a big role in sex?

Well, it depends, of course.

Some people love the feeling of someone stroking their long hairs down here. And that’s all fine and dandy.

On the other hand …

Do you remember the feeling of newly trimmed pubic hairs? When you’re suddenly able to feel every touch of your skin? Where before there was a bush blocking the access?

That can be super sensual as well …

Combine that with the increased confidence and BAM! you have a winning recipe for a steamy sex session.

Do you have to trim your pubic hair?

Real talk —

No. Ultimately, you don’t have to.

Our bodies are designed exactly as they are meant to be. Pubic hair is no exception. Just like elsewhere on our bodies: nose hair, ear hair, and other body hair. Hairs growing on our private parts are natural and healthy. And they are there for a reason.

Some people decide to trim it anyway for the reasons listed above. But since you’re reading this article, we guessed your mind is already made up!

So let’s continue with our illustrated guide to trimming the hairs down below …

How to trim pubic hair in 5 simple steps (illustrated guide)

Our private parts are sensitive. It can be a little frightening to bring an epilator close to it.

But don’t worry …

It’s actually much easier than you think:

1. First, soften your hairs

taking a bath to soften hairs

Just like with shaving, you’ll want to prepare your skin and hairs by softening them.

How to soften pubic hair?

We suggest you take a nice warm shower or bath. This will relax your skin and make it more elastic. It will also relax the tissues down there.

Cleaning your crotch in this process won’t hurt either. It will ensure you won’t have to clean up your trimmers as rigorously. Please don’t even think about using them on dirty and sweaty bits!

2. Find a good place to trim (hint: it’s not your bed)

Find a good spot where you’re comfortable. Ideally, where no one will walk in on you (unless you’re into that). The place should be easy to clean, as well.

Spoiler alert: Just stay in the shower.

It will remove the hassle of cleaning. Both yourself as well as the environment you’re in.

Imagine trimming your hairs in the bedroom. And then having to deal with the mess for the next few weeks. Potentially finding stray hairs in the carpet, on the bed, and on your clothes.

A literal nightmare.

Avoid all that by staying in the bathroom, in the shower for a nice wet trim.

3. Trim longer hairs first

Has it been a while since your last trim down there?

Hey, we don’t judge!

Just make sure to first get the bush out of the way. Attacking it with your shaver might clog it (or the plumbing). What will make it a lot harder to finish the job.

Pick up a pair of hair scissors and snip away the excess first.

A word of caution:

Be very careful using scissors in that area. One snip too many and you can end up with a VERY painful injury.

4. Work slowly

how to trim pubic hair

Now is the time to pick up your electric shaver and start working.

Work slowly and carefully. Wash away trimmed hairs regularly to better see what you’re doing. It will be helpful to bring a handheld mirror into the matter.

We’ve listed a few little-known pointers for trimming the hairs down below (get it?). We cover balls, butt, and vulva. Keep scrolling after the end of this guide to read them.

5. Clean up

drying your shaven privates

All finished? Great!

Now is the time to take another shower.

It’s worth it, I promise. A better option than the stray hairs tickling your freshly irritated skin!

While you’re in there, wash the electric razor as well (if it’s water-resistant).

After, pat yourself with your towel to dry up. If you can, let air finish the job. This will make sure your skin does not get irritated from rubbing or dampness.

You can also use a moisturizer on the lower parts. It will help the skin regenerate.

How to shave your butt

how to shave your ass

Do not even think about shaving there!

The hairs will start to grow back. You will be in so much pain and discomfort you won’t be able to walk. Trim or wax to avoid this very real problem.

If you want to trim, this is the perfect opportunity. The backside is very close to the private parts. Why not get it all in one session?

There are a few things to keep in mind though.

Since this area is super hard to get to, find a mirror.

You’ll need a lot of flexibility. If you don’t have it, go to a manscaping professional near you. You’ll be grateful you did.

Make sure to apply moisturizer after the procedure.

For the bum area, it’s essential you use a dedicated hair clipper. Don’t use the same one on your face! The blades will quickly become unhygienic. And let’s face it — you won’t pay much attention to disinfecting them.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

How to shave your balls (or vulva!)

how to shave your balls or vulva

You may be wondering:

Why did you bundle these two completely different body parts?

Let us explain.

The parts down below are really not that different:

  • all are extremely sensitive to pain and pleasure,
  • they have hard to reach areas made of curvatures and irregular shapes,
  • they are squishy and difficult to shave,
  • we are all very protective of them.

You know your genitals best. You may have small or large bits and parts, the workflow is the same:

  1. Warm-up and clean the skin so that it softens,
  2. trim long hairs first to get a better view,
  3. detail your work by using the trimmer,
  4. use your other hand to protect the sensitive bits. Stabilize them as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does trimming your pubic area make you more likely to get an STI?

Not directly. Here’s what studies say. Yes, people who trim their private parts are more likely to get an STD. 5 That’s because they are on average more likely to engage in casual sex. Make sure to always use protection!

But there’s a caveat …

Waxing and shaving can leave behind micro-abrasions. These make it a little more likely that viruses will get into your body. 6

Trimming is the least aggressive method of pubic hair removal. It is the way to go!

Does everyone shave their pubic area?

Roughly 95% of young Americans say they trim their private areas. 7

This doesn’t mean you should trim your hair down there, though.

You should only trim your pubes in one case and one case only …

If you want to do it. Does it help you feel sexier and builds your confidence? Then, by all means, trim that bush! But don’t ever let your partners pressure you into it. It’s your body, and that rule extends to body hair as well.

why do you shave pubic hair stats
Infographic source

Is it normal for guys to shave their pubes?

Yes. It is more common for guys to trim instead of shave. But a portion of them shaves to completely bare.

According to Cosmopolitan, only about 10% of men go “natural”. The rest use some manscaping method to keep the hairs under control.

pubic hair stats
Infographic source

Our advice is the same as for anyone else. If it makes you feel good, then trim that bush!

Can too much pubic hair cause yeast infections?

Pubic hair can create an environment in which bacteria thrives easily. Pair this with other factors like:

  • Non-breathable underwear,
  • changes in pH values of your nether parts,
  • and humid weather.

These can all increase your chances of developing a yeast infection — but it won’t cause it on its own. 8

So: You can keep your pubic hair natural and be perfectly healthy.

Make sure you keep yourself clean. Eat healthy, drink enough water, and wear breathable clothes. This is especially true on hot summer days.

How to relieve itchy pubic hair?

Itchiness is typical especially for shaving. It is in most cases perfectly normal. But still annoying!

Wondering how you can give yourself some release?

It’s simple:

Try not to scratch yourself and keep the area dry. The itchiness will subside within a few days. Want to speed up the process? Then try an over-the-counter hydro cortisone cream. 9

And next time, use a trimmer instead! It’s much nicer to your skin.

Disclaimer: we are not medical professionals. Itchy pubic hair can be a sign of an STI, infection, or parasites. If the situation doesn’t improve within 48 hours, please seek medical advice.

How often should you shave your pubes?

Only you can answer this question. It depends on how you like your hairs down there, and on your current lifestyle:

  • how sexually active you are,
  • how quickly your hairs grow,
  • if you intend to wear a swimsuit or be naked on the beach (or elsewhere),
  • and just what makes you feel best.

Most people trim their hair either weekly or monthly. Women do it a little more regularly. 10

Before we go …

This concludes our research and review of the best pubic hair trimmers.

We hope we’ve convinced you. Trimming the hairs on your crotch is actually good for you. It will improve your confidence, you’ll have better sex. Plus you’ll get a lot less “crotch rot”.

It’s by no means necessary or mandatory. Even so, loads of people have already jumped on the manscaping bandwagon. Or shall we say, bodyscaping, to keep it gender-neutral. So why not try it yourself?

Now we turn the microphone to you. Why do you trim your pubes and which trimmer do you like the most?

We’re looking forward to hearing your opinions.

Please share this post with your friends if you liked it! Or perhaps even with a partner to send a passive-aggressive message? …

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