Whether you are trying to grow out a haircut you don’t like, or just need to add some length to your hair, growing your hair requires effort. You might have checked online videos and guides on how to grow out hair, but the process really takes some time. Having waist length hair can add to your beauty, but the sacrifices you have to make at times might give you nightmares. In case you are wondering about how to grow out hair, here are some exclusive tricks we’ve prepared for you.

woman with long hair facing the wall and touching her head

1. Regular trims

A trim helps you get rid of split ends easily. However, make sure that you don’t shear off half of your hair. Split ends can be caused by several factors like environmental exposure, stress or even curling irons. However, the only way to get rid of them is to trim them. So, the next time you have split ends, don’t just cut off your hair, trim them with clippers.

2. Conditioner & shampoo

Yes, you need to clean your hair. Additionally, you need to condition it. So make sure you try out conditioning your growing hair at least once a week. Be it curly, flat, curled or colored hair, you need to use a conditioner. Also, if you have colored hair, try to use a color friendly shampoo for washing it. This will help the hair color last longer, and not harm your hair.

Another way you can make your hair grow strong and long is by incorporating hair treatments in your weekly routine. If possible, add some hair serum for nourishment. With exposure to pollution, you’d always need extra care for your hair. If your hair turns frizzy, it means you are missing out in your hair care goals.

3. Check your diet

Well, your diet plays a key role in your nutrient intake. So, if you are wondering how to grow out hair, you also need to focus on your diet. Try out real plant based food. Also taking in food rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E will boost your hair growth. Along with that, don’t forget to consume food rich in zinc and omega 3 acids. Some of the foods you can try are beans, clams, oysters and eggs. You should also try having bell peppers, green vegetables and wild salmon for omega 3 acids.

4. Try supplements

If you are suffering from hair fall problems and nothing is working, hair supplements might be a good choice. Biotin is a good supplement that you can try. Additionally, make sure that you have enough minerals and essential nutrients in your diet, so that you can replenish the keratin.

short hair person brushing her hair

5. Silk & satin

While this might seem a bit strange, cotton can chafe your hair. So, if you are looking to protect your hair, you should sleep on a silk pillowcase. Moreover, unlike cotton pillowcases, silk ones help you retain moisture, and reduce damage through friction. Depending on your choice, you can go with pastel shades or earth tones for your pillowcase.

6. Cold shower

Yes, hot showers can be really comfy. Unfortunately, they are not good for your hair. Cold water soothes your scalp and helps you maintain your hair. It also prevents moisture loss and damage from heat and other similar causes. So, even if you are used to a hot shower, just end it with a cold bath for your hair, and you will feel thankful for your choice. You shouldn’t wrap your hair in towels, as that will cause the moisture to seep away. Plus, it also cause your hair follicles to stand up, causing hair fall and other problems.

Bonus tips

Well, now that you have the basics of how to grow out hair, let’s look at some of the added stuff you should pay attention to. Your hair generally needs some TLC once in a while. However, when you are trying to grow it to waist length, it needs some special care. This is why you should use hair masks or oil treatment once a week. Have you tried Jamaican castor oil?

The natural oils help you retain the oil in your hair. Additionally, it soothes your scalp and helps your hair to grow. It also provides you with silky smooth hair, and helps prevent frizziness in extreme conditions. What’s more, you can also prevent split ends and yellowing of hair from happening if you do the oil treatment weekly.

woman with long blond hair wavering

Brush with care

Constant brushing of your hair can do more harm than good. This is why when you are brushing, you should use a wide toothed comb. It will help you untangle your hair easily. Try to move from bottom to top, instead of going from scalp to the end. This is because when you brush down from the scalp, you have a tangled mess of hair, which can cause hair fall. You should also try using hair serums or conditioner before brushing. This will work the mess and will make it easier and smoother for you.

Give your hair a break

If you are wondering how to grow out hair, you should start giving your hair a break. This means not using any fancy hair colors, curling irons or any other treatments. First let your hair grow to the desired length, and then you can try out all the treatments you want. Moreover, if you have super sensitive and soft hair, try keeping it open. If you are trying to tie it in a ponytail, make it loose so that the strands are loose. This way you will not only protect your hair from falling, you won’t have a headache if you keep your hair in the same position for a long period. Just like you, your hair also deserves a break from the daily treatments and pollution.

Now that you know how to grow out hair, all you need to do is get started on it. Remember to plan your hair care routine and follow it closely. This way, you won’t have to wonder what to do next, or how to grow out hair. You will have all the tools and steps just in front of you.