What are the growing hair out stages and what can you do to grow your hair out like a pro? We’re here to help!

So, you have short hair and decided it is time to grow it back again. What to do now, when your hair gets to that awkward stage and you feel like you can’t go on looking ”like that”, and almost give in to cutting it all again? We’ll guide you through the different stages of letting your hair grow, and give you advice for each of them:

Stage 1

You’re curious how you’d look if you’d grow out your hair and imagine the process is probably easier and faster than reality. You stop trimming your hair for weeks, maybe months, and with the help of some wax or gel you’re feeling confident this won’t be that hard.

The hair that is already covering your ears isn’t bothering you just yet, but you start wondering what to do when you get there. Stick to hair styling products as much as you can. You’ll get to a point where they won’t do the trick anymore and that’s how you step into the next phase.

Stage 2

You start to become annoyed with that hair, and at some point, you will feel your haircut is shapeless. Wax is not doing the trick anymore for you. You start to wonder if you’ll ever be capable of growing it out.

When you feel this you’re most probably in that awkward phase in which your hair starts to look so weird you want to cut it all out and give up your plan, but don’t give up! Look, it’s a thing. You need to realize that, at some point in the process, your hair will look less than great and that’s fine. It’s possible to still look good when your hair is growing out, but accept that it won’t look amazing every day.

Stage 3

It is when you get to this stage that you need extra help. So, you’ve been patient, you’ve been trying to style your hair in a way that makes it look intentional and not like you forgot to give yourself a trim for weeks. You’re doing well! But now it is time to focus on more specific measures you can take to make sure you’re growing out your hair well. Below you’ll find the tricks that work for us.

Woman with short hair wearing black and white shirt looking above

1. Focus on products that help with hair growth

Hair grows faster when it’s strong and healthy, so you need to focus on using products that will help you achieve that. We’ve already talked about some of them before, like coconut oil or castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil. Choose the one that applies better to your needs, and incorporate it into your self-care routine at least once a week. You need to increase blood circulation on your scalp, so besides using oil, you really need to spend some time and give yourself a head massage every time.

2. Trim your hair regularly

Keeping your hair well groomed and trimmed and split ends-free will make your hair thicker and stronger. Your hair will be and look healthier, giving it the boost of energy it probably needs in this growing out stage. Trimming it won’t necessarily make hair grow faster, but will make it look definitely better and in better shape too. Trimming just the necessary (only a few inches) will do the trick!

3. Look for a different haircut

When you’re growing your hair out, the most annoying sections of hair will most probably be around the ears and back, especially if they grow faster. Tapering the sideburns will help you achieve a more ”proper” look that won’t kill your patience too soon. It will give the appearance of hair well groomed. If your hair has a lot of volume, the process of growing it out will seem longer. Besides the occasional trim, you should sheer your hair from time to time where needed. Make sure hair thinning scissors become your best friend at this stage. They will help you get rid of those split ends, give some texture to your hair and even shape it!

4. Extra tips

While these tips will make your hair grow better, they aren’t enough.  Check out this previous post on how to grow hair faster. Pay attention to what you eat  – focus on getting vitamins and proteins and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Avoid using hair products that will damage your hair and stay away from blow dryers. For it to grow better and faster, avoid bleaching or coloring your hair for that time. You need it as healthy as it can be! Be careful with that comb and apply oil consistently to your hair for extra moist and shine. Finally, be wise about when you start this process. Autumn and winter are great seasons since you can easily pull off a hat in those ”bad hair days”!

Looking for some inspiration?

Growing hair out will look different depending on your hair type, length, texture, etc.  Do you need some inspiration or need some help visualizing how your hair could turn out? Check out our section Hair Styles for lots of ideas and tricks to help your hair grow healthily. But most of all, be patient and keep your head in the game!