The small recession you have on both sides of your forehead, there is nothing to fret about it, right? It takes at least 40 years to go bald, or not? You may be wondering, “How long does it take to go bald?” The answer is it depends.

So, how long does it take to go bald?

Each one of us is different. Baldness varies from person to person but it is safe to say that it takes 15 to 25 years if you experience receding hairline at 20. You can expect slick bald at the age of 35 to 45.  However, some people went completely bald in less than five years so balding experience is really unpredictable.

Factors that Affect Baldness

The main cause of baldness is DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It is related to testosterone and has a great impact on hair follicles. Some people produce more DHT than average and too much production leads to follicular miniaturization.

Bald, How long does it take to go bald

The hair follicles affected by DHT produces thinner and shorter shaft and eventually disappear. It usually begins at the sides of the crown and shows receding hairline. This ends to baldness appearance on top but there is still hair. However, the hair is small and thin so it appears to be bald and shiny.

Other factors that affect pattern baldness are stress, excessive combing and wearing hats all the time. These factors may break off the shafts and can speed up the balding process. Hair products like gel and wax can also speed up the process, but the main reason of hair thinning and balding is DHT.

Once the production of too much DHT starts, it only takes few years for the top to be cleared. The timeframe also varies from person to person as some can experience receding hairline early but does not go bald for some reasons.

What Should You Do?

Noticing early hair loss is not great especially if you are not ready for this. No one is actually prepared to lose hair early so it can be a frightening for most. Some were probably in denial while others were in shocked and depressed. There are actually some treatments to combat DHT but those can give you side effects like nightmares and other consequences.

  • To make things easier, it is important to keep yourself calm and stop worrying about your hair loss. Worrying can only cause other health issues and there is nothing you can do about it. Hair loss or hair thinning is a natural thing for all people. Calculating the time to go bald can only make you more conscious about yourself and it can lower your confidence.
  • You should also remember that you are not alone in this situation and many others are experiencing the same thing. Some probably went through this earlier. Even though most people experience this in their 40s, a huge percentage of younger ones are also experiencing early baldness.
  • Look at the bright side. Hair loss can also give you more opportunities. You can give yourself a good buzz and embrace baldness. Shaving your head can instantly remove anxiety, fear and worries. It may be hard at first, but once you are done shaving your head, you will feel more relaxed like a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders. You can also feel more confident about yourself as there is no need to hide the receding hairline or thinning of hair. Everything is gone!
Bald adult with sunglasses smiling

If you are still not convinced here are some great reasons for shaving your head:

  • Once you have shaved your head, you do not need to worry anymore about losing hair, receding hairline or hair thinning. You are free from all these stress!
  • There is no need to comb or style your hair. This saves you a lot of time and cuts down your morning ritual. Simply grab your clothes and you are good to go!
  • You do not have to buy shampoo, conditioner and other hair products. Shaving your head on your own also lets you save money. This means you will have more money for other things like shoes and clothes.
  • Shaved head is comfortable. There is no hair going to your face and you can just run your hands on top of your head and feel your smooth scalp.
  • All hats and wigs will look great on you. You can try different kinds of hats or wigs and you will definitely enjoy them.
  • Many popular people in the entertainment industry are shaved or almost shaved like Patrick Stewart, Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis and Howie Mandel. Shaved head is now a trendy style and it can also boost your confidence.