Are you someone who loves following the latest trends and keeping up with the fashion world? We thought so!  The start of a new year usually means new trends, or the comeback of old ones. Some trends from 2018 will definitely still be fashionable in 2019, but they might have a new twist added to them.
Which twist, you ask? Well, keep reading below to find out the top 2019 hairstyle trends.

Curtain bangs

long dark hair with curtain bangs and cool ear rings
If you want to elevate your look for 2019, just get some curtain bangs! This is great for those of you with longer hair that want a minimal update.

Curtain bangs are that style of bangs that is defined by their length: they’re longer, and typically rest around your eyebrows or even lower, in order to frame your face.

Since they form a “curtain” around your face, they’re known as “curtain bangs”. They’re also easy to leave out of an updo, and if you’re afraid of the commitment, then don’t worry – they’re easy to grow out due to their length, making them super low maintenance.

Blunt bobs

red hair in short blunt bob with bangs and dark clothes
We had previously discussed the advent of the bisexual bob and how it came to be on the mainstream as a very fashionable choice for many celebrities. Well, fear not, fellow queers!

Whether you are a pan unicorn or a bisexual wizard, your sleek jawline cut is set to turn heads in 2019, no matter how you style it.

In order to get this look, you just cut your hair at around your jaw length, either straight or more “messy”, although the trend is definitely for a sharp, defined cut. You can also pair it with other styles, such as an undercut or sidecut, and any and all accessories to make your features pop and accentuate your jawline.

Beachy curls

messy ombre hair from dark to blonde with waves
If you dig the 70’s, then this trend is for you. The flower power/flower child bohemian styled curls are back, baby!

During 2018, we saw many trends from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s return to the mainstream (some of them only to haunt us, it seems), but this one is so universally flattering and gorgeous that just feels absolutely timeless.

A great thing about this style of curls is that they look great on any hair length, due to their versatility. You can do tighter curls or looser waves for that more bohemian vibe. In order to achieve this hairstyle, you will have to use heat tools – ideally a curling wand if you want the best results, but you can just use a flat iron or even a hair dryer and a round brush.

If you want our suggestion of the best affordable hairdryers, you can also check it out here.

In order to achieve this look with a curling wand, simply wrap your hair around the hot iron, either a smaller or larger wand depending on how you want your waves to look. Then, run your fingers through your hair to make it messier until you are happy with the result.

To achieve it with a hair dryer, just use a concentrating attachment and a round brush on your damp hair, wrapping your hair around the brush and pushing the brush onto it in order to let the heat “bake” your hair into a curl.

One of my favorite hacks for no-heat beachy curls, if you prefer to spare your hair all the damage associated with heat tools, is to braid your hair after showering and let it air dry into soft curls, or even use paper bags (yes, you read that right!).

The Shag

This is also an update from a 70’s style of hair. The shag is defined by messy, layered hair, and typically used on longer hairstyles.

If you want to try the shag, we recommend you create a lot of layers and texture on your hair. The point is really to make it “shaggy”. So, add waves and cut your hair at many different lengths in order to improve the look.

This style really works best with longer hair, but you can also mix it with the bob by making a more layered cut on your hair and adding texture with waves. Don’t be afraid to mess up, as it’s really a part of this look!

Sleek and voluminous

sleek long blong hair with a lot of volume on top
A major trend on the runway, this is for those of you who love to rock out on Instagram and always have the best pictures, style and selfies.

The major hair trend for 2019 seems to be sleek, glossy hair, particularly when pushed back. This style is great no matter what your hair length, but may be easier to pull out if you have wavy or more textured hair. This won’t be a major problem for all the other trends, including volume.

“Pump it up” seems to be the name of the game for stylists this year. However, this is a more updated version of 80’s hair, as the style is much more modern and fresh.

For the most part, these two trends seem to go hand in hand: a lot of hair volume on the top and the sides, particularly curls, but still a definition and shine to it.

You can opt to fully sleek back your hair and put it in an updo to let all your natural shine pop. Or just let all the volume out of it, while making sure your hair is still glossy and gorgeous.

No matter what you do, remember – it’s your hair so you get to choose. If you love fashion, make sure to check out some runway looks to scout for ideas and put your own spin on it!

Grown-out pixie

short hair grown out pixie in short black dress
The pixie is a staple and a well known and well-loved hairstyle here at Buzzcut Guide. The version that is set to be a 2019 must is a, just as the name implies, more grown out version of the hairstyle.

If you are interested in getting this hairstyle, just cut your hair as short as you like, maybe even starting out from a shave or similar cut. Let it a bit longer on the sides and top. The overall look will depend on the natural texture of your hair. Worry not, it can easily be achieved with hair clippers and other tools at home.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged and take advantage of its trendy status to make it your new statement style. If you’re afraid that this style is much too used, you could always try out the next trend that is expected to be hot in 2019….


Scarves, headbands, statement hairpins, and other items to frame your face, such as earrings, will definitely shine throughout the year.

If you still have a lot of these items from your childhood, yay!, vintage is most definitely trending! Now is the time to dig into your old stuff (and maybe even your mom’s stuff).

If you love customizing pins and textiles, this is the perfect time to start incorporating it into your hair. Whether you prefer bold or mute, really stack up on the accessories. At least now that it is trendy people will judge you less for your choices. ;)

Whether long or short, the overall trend for the season is healthy looking hair. Shiny and voluminous, with lots of texture and accessories, seems to be the trend for the year. We have a full section on hair care, so don’t miss out!

Interested in doing some of these trends at home? That’s why we’re here! No need to depend on other people or a professional.

What do you think of these trends for the year? Any in particular you love or hate? Let us know down below in the comments!