There are many reasons why some people choose to just shave their head. It can be because of the thinning of the hair, early balding, or just tired of having to style the hair every morning. Some are looking for shortcuts in their everyday life and shaving provides the best solution for that kind of matter. If you are still in doubt, here are the positive reasons why shaving can be good for you.

Woman with shaved head standing neat black vehicle

9 reasons why should I shave my head

1.  No more bad hair days

Shaving your head means no more bad hair days. There is no need to worry about the strong gush of wind or being late from work. Whether you want to achieve completely shaved or half shaved, both styles will make you ready on the go.

2. Saves time

Shaving the head completely can save you a lot of time as there is no need to wash your hair. You can also cut the time for styling so you are always good to go. Shaving your head also means no more shampooing, brushing, combing, and styling. This can also reduce the stress level as your morning routine has been cut down. If you just want to keep the almost shaved look, the time of styling is also reduced! Stop asking “should I shave my head” and just do it already!

3. Saves money

Shaving your own hair can save you a lot of money. Imagine how much you pay every month to get a haircut. The expense of getting your own hair shaver is nothing compared to your annual expense for a hairdresser. Plus, you don’t have to buy shampoo, conditioner, hair products, and hair tools that sooner or later will destroy your hair.

4. Hides receding hairline

Shaving the head can also give you more confidence as no one can notice anymore your receding hairline. Some people have visible receding hairline even at the age of twenty. If you are still thinking “why should I shave my head if I’m still young?” Keep in mind that our society has embraced baldness and shaved head has now become a trendy style. Many famous people also love bald styles such as Patrick Steward, Bruce Willis and Van Diesel.

5.Younger look

Shaving your head is not only hassle-free but can also make you look younger. Since short hair can make you look young, completely shaved or half-shaved helps to achieve even more youthful look. Before, older ones shave their heads for fresh and younger appearance. Now, even younger guys also choose to stay bald.

6. Fresh and comfortable

If you are living in tropical or warm countries, you can feel better with a shaved head than with hair. When it gets hot, you can splash water on your head to cool you down right away. There is also no need to dry your hair anymore so it is very convenient. A shaved head can also keep you comfortable.

7. Increases confidence

Hair loss or gray hair can make you lose your confidence as you may feel like your youth is being dared. Shaving your head can eliminate the problem and you can just be confident even without your hair. It may feel terrifying at first but most people who shaved their heads feel awesome and happier.

8. Any hat and wig suits you

Having no hair allows you to wear any kind of hat that you want. If you also add a pair of sunglasses, you will look like a multi-millionaire! You can try any hat like berets, fedoras, knits or cloches and you will see that all hats look great on you. They can also keep your head warm! 

Like hats, wig opportunities are also unlimited! Without hair, you can try any kind of wig which is a great way to add accessory to yourself. There is no need to style! Simply grab a wig and you are ready to go!

grayscale photo of woman wearing hat

9. Emphasizes your features

Finally, shaving your head can give more emphasis your eyes, cheekbones and lips. Without hair, you have more time to apply makeup or accessories and stand out among the crowd.

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