People are oftentimes unsure about their head shape, or simply think that a buzzcut or a bald head will make them look weird. Buzzcut doesn’t necessary mean clippers number 1 all over your head, but includes all the haircuts that can be created using hair clippers. So with a little patience, anyone can learn to create a haircut that will compliment their head shape or face.

Should I get a buzzcut?

For me, it’s pretty apparent why you would want to cut your own hair, so I wrote down these 6 reasons to persuade you. So, stop asking yourself “should I get a buzzcut?” looking at the mirror and read this:

1. Save money

The most ‘duh’ reason is of course saving money. Let’s do some math: If you were to get a haircut every month, and you would be visiting an extremely cheap ghetto hairdresser and so each cut would cost 15 quid, you save 180 dollars / euros / pounds every year. You maybe happen to be living in Canada, states, Australia, or Europe, so your average life expectancy is about 78 years, meaning that if you’re 20 years old, you will save 10.440 quid. I mean, it’s not going to buy you a mansion on the beach, but maybe at least a pretty good, uh, used car?

should i get a buzzcut

2. Save time

All of the hassle of booking a visit with a hairdresser, getting there, waiting to get cut, getting the haircut, social interaction with the barber, previous preparations for social interaction with the barber including writing a list of small talk topics, these are all out. You can even cut your hair in front of the computer. Use webcam for the mirror (kidding!).

Click here for a step-by-step guide to cutting your own hair. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

3. Get your hair cut whenever you want

Ugh! Your hair seems to be overgrown again and it’s Sunday night! There’s no way you’ll get a hot haircut before that Thursday date. Well, unless you’re cutting your own hair, that is. Maybe not do this for the first time right before an important event like your aunts’s marriage, but when after you’ve gotten a hang of it, you’ll be able to cut your hair in the middle of the night if you wanted. Just grab your clippers and off to work!

4. Get a haircut you want

I’m sure many of you know that feeling; you go to a barber, tell them you want this and this, and you end up with something not even closely resembling what you wanted. And you even have to pay for it! Not cool.

Teenagers oftentimes have problems with their parents forbidding them to get a very short haircut or an undercut or even a hardcore mohawk. Who cares? I mean, I am not here to tell you not to listen to your ‘stupid parents’, but some rules are just pointless. Amirite?

There is also the hairdressers’ prejudice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a womens’ short haircut even though I asked for a mens’. People simply can’t follow instructions, it seems.

5. Make money or help a charity

Need some quick cash? Then your beautiful hair must go! People and companies need it to create wigs and hair extensions and these things cost a lot, so they’re willing to pay good money for their main feedstock. For 50 cm (20”) of hair you can get as much as $800! Iknowright. If you’re not too much into the whole selling thing you can also donate your curls to people in need and help out a cancer patient. Awesome.

6. learn a useful skill

Well, it might not get you a spouse, but it’s still a nice skill to have. I cut my brother’s and my wife’s hair and, well, it’s something like being a computer expert – you’re very needed, but you are also suddenly very busy with fixing your families’ printers. Ugh.

Okay now that you know why you should get a buzzcut, why not check out which buzzcuts you can get? Oh, you thought there was only one? :) Click here