Unisex Short Hairstyles You Should Try Out This Summer

2015 is all about unique short hairstyles. Wild curls, waves with vibrant swing, large quiffs… You can now look classy and fabulous at the same time wearing short hairstyles. Even though short hairstyles emphasize the facial traits, the skin, the neck and the eyes, you should think twice before choosing the hairstyle that will perfectly complement your face and lifestyle.

Get ready to enhance your beautiful facial features, conceal the flaws and add natural style. Oh, that’s right, you have no flaws.

1. The Blant Haircut

woman with short hair

Courtesy of SOMEBODY 3LSE / Flickr

Or you might know it as the short hairstyle that works on absolutely everyone. This hairstyle frames the face with an amazing simplicity regardless of the length of your hair. It opens up your face, reveals your jawline while creating volume. Perfect for everyone who’s into simple, yet sexy look. If your hair is naturally straight, don’t think twice: try this look and get ready for tons of compliments!

2. Pixie Cut

Woman with short pixie cut hair

Courtesy of Clipped Scotsman / Flickr

Should you get a pixie cut? Duuh! First, your cheekbones will look amazing, and moreover, this hairstyle will highlight the eyes and elongate the neck. And if you think that pixie cut is for ladies only, let me tell you that pixie cut is actually a men’s short hairstyle, but is now labeled as “pixie” in order to feminize it a little. So yeah, this short hairstyle looks great on both women and men. This hairstyle puts the main focus on your features, so it shows off eyes and eyebrows.

It’s likely you’ll need hair thinning scissors to make this hair work. Check out our guide right here!

3. Grease John Travolta Hairstyle

John Travolta haircut

Courtesy of Ana Boyero / Flickr

Remember Travolta’s hairstyle in Grease? Slicked back sides and overflowing puff in front that the guys in the movie wore? Well, that style is back and it looks awesome! We even saw the Twilight guy Edward Cullen wearing this hairstyle. These days, a feminine twist on this look is famous because it looks great on females as well. This short hairstyle is easily manageable and flattering. Furthermore, if you have fine hair, this Grease hairstyle will add body to your hair.

4. Dandy Hairstyle

two men with short black hair

Courtesy of Sara Cimino / Flickr

We’ve seen many celebrities wearing it. This hairstyle is retro (like Flattop!), but with a stronger rock and roll edge, so it’s no wonder why it is all the rage for both women and men. If you’re into “just-woke-up” hairstyle, this is the perfect one for you. It perfectly suits wavy and unruly hair and is easily-manageable; all you need is to apply a little gel or wax in order to shape the wavy hair strands.

5. Shag Haircut

Woman with short brown hair

Courtesy of jingdianmeinv3 / Flickr

The shag haircut works great on every texture, length and hair density. It looks great on super short and medium length, tousled or in choppy layers. This hairstyle stands for openness, spirit and youthful nonchalance. Apply gel to your wet hair and then with your fingers, shape your hair in any direction you want and let it air-dry completely.

6. Punk inspired short hairstyle

man with brown and red punk haircut

Courtesy of Tim Evanson / Flickr

This hairstyle looks fabulous on anyone as it helps create a feminine kind of look for the women, and masculine kind of look for men. The hair is cut shorter on the side and longer on top, so you can style it in different ways: waves, bangs, straight… every style looks amazing with this modern and edgy haircut. You should use a styling mousse so that your hair will hold better in place.

Read this guide to learn how to cut a punk mohawk at home!

These hairstyles will completely transform your look this summer. Feel free to choose any of these unisex short hairstyles and style them as you wish. Here are a few tips on how to cut your own hair.

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