Hair management is a part of every family. Right from the time when the child is born to the time when one is quite old-everyone just has a responsibility over their hair. When left undone, the picture painted of an individual is one of being so careless. But when cared for; there is so much admiration for the individual leaving behind lots of admirers and boosting an individual’s self-esteem. So whether one gets a professional hair cut or one done at home, it is important to maintain your hair cut.

And now which one is better; getting your hair cut by professional hair clippers or by home-use equipment? We will take a look at the pros and cons offered by each of the above choices.

Cost of equipment

To begin with everything has an associated cost to it. Professional hair clippers carry with a higher price compared to home-use-equipment. Basic home use equipment for cutting hair ranges from normal scissors to razor blades. Such equipment are easily available at home and may be used for other multiple uses like cutting paper, cloth or any other application, but of course, you don’t want to cut your hair with those. Professional hair clippers can be obtained from the shops and their prices range from as low as $5 to more than $100. Well one would argue that nothing good is obtained on a silver platter. Once one gets good quality professional hair clippers, they are likely to take a while before investing again in the same. The same applies to the hair-cutting shears; good quality equipment would go a higher price compared to low quality.


The level of professionalism needed for using the professional hair clippers is high. In fact anyone could easily use home use equipment. The level of complexity of each professional hair clipper ranges from one to another. It is true that manufacturers of the professional hair clippers do their best to ensure ease in use of their equipment. However, this does not eliminate the fact that one has to have some basic knowledge to know how to switch on the machine, how to hold it and how to move it around the hair area. To achieve a professional haircut using professional hair clippers one may need to get lessons from professional bodies in the beauty field. Most of the professional hair workers really take time to invest in sharpening their skills so that they remain on top of their game. If you allow a joke, sharpening hair clipper blades is also something that higer-priced, modern hairclippers don’t need.

The challenge of evolving tastes and preferences in styles of customers keeps most of the professional hair cutters on their toes. If one has to remain relevant to the hair market, they surely need to up their game.

Whereas home use equipment does not necessarily call for great expertise, it is important for the users of home use equipment to also find skills necessary to make a great cut. Experience is said to be the greatest teacher, but for anyone to attain heights in cutting hair, they must go beyond experience.

Styling and overall finish

Most professional hair clippers are designed to give an artistic touch to the overall finish. The home use equipment on the other hand is more rigid in nature and may not be able to maneuver around complex hair styles. The versatility incorporated in the professional hair clipper is a great thing for the equipment. Especially for those who have the professional skills to go with the equipment, the professional hair clippers offer great opportunity to unveil great style. It is important to note that good skills without good equipment may not yield much. Professionalism that is not empowered with good equipment remains compromised and the community is denied the very best of talent that would greatly impact on the society. So to get that great look, get the best tools as well as the best skills.

Time value

Time value refers to the amount of value (could even be monetary or sentimental value) attached to one’s time. To better understand this point, one would consider two individuals, a corporate leader and a student. A corporate has the money but does not have the time but he needs to look the very best for is corporate position. The student on the other hand does not have the money to lavishly spent on a haircut. The corporate leader is better off with professional hair clippers as they will achieve a great cut within a very short time. He may not even have the time to do a haircut from home. The student on the other hand may need to use home equipment to save on whatever small income they have. Therefore the choice of whether to invest in professional hair clippers or home use equipment is also affected by an individual’s time value.


The conclusion of this matter greatly lies with an individual. The professional hair clippers offer more advantages but also such advantages attract some cost. Those who can meet the cost are most welcome to obtain professional hair clippers. Those who are yet to reach certain financial standards should not feel left out, there are opportunities to obtain nice hair clippers that would be used at home.

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